If my husband was too dumb to find his way out of a locker room, I’d keep it to myself. Read more

Copying art into a different form of art just doesn’t work, or if it does it is a one in a thousand chance lucky break. Read more

So the Red Sox are still stealing signs then?
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If I were him I’d go to the worst team in the CFL (The Saskatoon Snow Ferrets? The Halifax Poutines?) and offer to play for free. Go out there secure in the knowledge that only like 20 people are watching you on any given Sunday (Saturday? Wednesday?) and that the worst thing that could possibly happen to you if you Read more

So...there was a galactic cataclysm that changed planets, wiped out species, and came with quality of life improvements? Read more

Why do Russian agents break into American diplomats homes in Europe and rearrange the furniture? Read more

This track is adapted from a piece by Carl Orff titled Gassenhauer nach Hans Neusiedler (1536) that prominently featured in the 1973 film Badlands. Read more

So...is it just my computer or does that gif really suck? Read more

This disgraceful show by all involved is an embarrassment to the quiet dignity and grace with which boxing has always carried itself. Don King must be spinning in his grave.
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As someone who studies cultural anthropology and took several human sexuality classes this is seriously the biggest non-issue I’ve ever heard of. A foot fetish could be one of the most common kinks out there. Read more

There’s really nothing remarkable here. Lots of athletes take time out of their schedule to visit retarded children. Read more

No, you God damn can’t. Fuck, he said in the article that Earthbound alone will run about $300 on eBay. Read more

Depending on a particular publication’s house style some acronyms - such as Nasa, Unesco and Great Britain’s most annoying political party Ukip, are rendered as normal words if they can be pronounced as such. Read more

“The perfect game, the no-hitter, the four-run lead, and the chance to redeem himself by pitching any further: all gone”.  Read more

I mean, sixth inning. I’m sure someone will drill the kid in the ribs for it because playthegametherightwayoldskoolrezpektzomg!!!, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that bunt.
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Read the article. She set up the enema so that the rubber bladder would be the head and the catheter would be, like, a stick figure body. She needed a dinner companion while she ate the poop. Seriously, this was like two paragraphs in. smdh Read more

Here’s the problem I’m seeing: Let’s say this becomes widely adopted. What controls the money supply if anyone can print money? High inflation and deflation obviously have respective flaws that are seriously economically harmful. There would NEVER be incentives for anyone to stop mining. Which means inflation. Unless Read more