Sep 9

If steroids are what it took to kill that mustache dead, then it was all worth it.

Sep 9

Sometimes these things just happen, entirely naturally...

May 16 2019

A slight update: The unnamed staffer actually only claimed they were better at being a horse than the horse lady. In the interest of partial transparency, here is a copied and pasted list of claims they made, verbatim: Read more

May 16 2019

Jesus, man. This is harrowing. Like everyone else in the comments, I’m glad things didn’t go differently. Read more

Apr 9 2019

Which team does Missy Elliott bat for? Cause ya girl bats for both and wouldn’t mind a chance to try out a Ferrari bed...

Feb 19 2019

My wife and I are having our first in a couple months. Anytime someone says anything close to “do you think you’re ready”, I tell them that we have a dog, so we have a pretty good idea of what we’re doing. Literally as I was typing this, my uncle just asked me if I was prepared to change diapers. Told him that we’re Read more

Feb 19 2019

We went to a class for our first one, and they went around the room asking each couple about their birth plan. Most of them were “We’re going to try to go natural” with a few “We’re using a midwife in home and going natural”. Read more

Feb 11 2019

My favorite thing about this is that this dude has no problem owning the youths and rec players with this. Imagine if Fed just showed up at your club and just started SABRing fools. Or if Evo just showed up serving bombs at a 3.0 mixer.

Feb 11 2019

I was thinking how embarrassing it would be to resort to something like this in order to beat a literal little girl at the “sport” of table tennis, but then I saw that dude’s shorts and realized he obviously has no shame.

Feb 4 2019

Looking over Football outsiders today, the Patriots beat the no.1 DVOA team (KC), the no.2 DVOA team (LAR), and the number 3 DVOA (LAC) team in the postseason this year. That’s crazy. Read more

Feb 3 2019

On the flipside, at least a bunch of boston knuckledraggers will have hangovers tomorrow.