1:20 AM

I hadn’t thought about that.... I’ve been drowning lots of water since I got home so hopefully this will be gone tomorrow. Its very uncool!

1:19 AM

Thank you, the lunch beer was at a decent restaurant so no unattended drinks... Coffee gives me horrible anxiety but I’m drinking lots of water and tea... I’m still vertigo-y so I’m wondering if I’m coming down with something. Argh!

5:36 PM

I had one lunch beer with since friends and now I'm on the couch, dizzy as hell... WTF? I'm supposed to go to a show in a few hours but I'm gonna have to play that by ear now.  I'm very annoyed and kind of weirded out.

12:50 PM

Aw man, I’m sorry that she came to you under those circumstances - that’s so hard. How wonderful of you to be there for both your friend and Luna though, I’m sure it means so much to your friend. I know it would mean everything to me to know my critters were safe and loved in that situation. I’m sure she will Read more

9:22 PM

I have the flailiest legs so I would not do well in this... However my weighted blanket came yesterday and I think I love it 😍😍😍 It definitely swaddles while also allowing for all the leg flailing.

12:02 AM

I’m so very, very late this week... But fuck it... HAPPY PIGOWEEN!

7:19 PM

His previous owners kept him inside but he prefers living outside I think. He only ever wants to stay inside for a couple of hours at a time. He’s about 70 lbs now at 18 mos. I think he will be under 100 lbs but it's hard to say - they grow until they're about 5 but slower after their first birthday. 

12:39 AM

Mine actually lives outside, he just hangs out inside sometimes... I got him at a year old so he was already house trained but from what I can tell on the fb groups its about the same as housebreaking a puppy with the upside that pigs are (IMO) not as gross. LOL

10:27 PM

This morning I locked my keys in the car... Fortunately it only took the locksmith 20 min to get there.... UNfortunately I was parked in front of T.J. Maxx/Home Goods and I bought several things I didn’t need... Including this:

12:31 AM

Its SO GOOD. I binged the first season I’m like 2 days and the only reason I haven’t finished the second is because I don’t want it to end!

11:30 PM

Have you watched Sense8 on Netflix? I am almost done and it is fantastic. Sexy, diverse, and the story sucked me right in.

1:44 PM

Ooooo can we do videos now? Here’s one of Piggie Smalls, my horse Aurie, and my little rescue chickens having a visit. Read more

2:20 PM

I love how every one of his nicknames is always just a projection of his own incompetence. It’s hilariously transparent. 

9:14 PM

I’ve been skipping everything I can to not let winter doldrums set in this year... I had an awful year last year. I work from home now and with the 2 hours back in my schedule notnspent commuting I’ve successfully gone vegetarian and have been making all of my meals from scratch, plus I’ve started hiking most days at

12:09 PM

If you can afford to upgrade to exit row or bulkhead it is 100% worth it, you get so much more leg room. I will usually take a Xanax (I have flight anxiety), which is great for getting some sleep - Costco showing pills will also knock you the heck out of you don’t mine a little help with that in pill form. Lol

1:23 PM

It’s sunny and beautiful out but in the last few days the cold bite of fall has set in... So I feel like this guy:

2:24 PM

I started working fully remote late last month... After about two weeks of staring at my mess all day I broke. I spent an entire weekend cleaning the crap out of my house. I’m happy to report that I’ve now kept it clean for 3 whole weeks! That has to be a record for me. 

7:16 PM

Oooo I’m thinking a lot about this too as the holidays come up. I’m doing a lot of work on being super authentic and using my relative privilege to normalize “alternative” relationship styles... And on a personal level I don’t want to feel as though I’m giving one partner priority over another when I’m inevitably Read more