Jean Rhys Lives


I don't watch any of the Real Housewives shows, but this was such an engrossing read. I would definitely consider consuming pulp reality television vicariously through your articles if you did more like these. Read more

I'm never gonna let this go.

Hopefully, the Fugitive Peggy story line doesn't get much more than an episode, since I, too, loved the other agents finally recognizing her competence and skill. I'm really warming up quite a bit to Dooley, and could see a great partnership between Peggy and him developing. I still really dislike Thompson, though. I Read more

Also I am obsessed with Agent Peggy Fuh-reaking Carter.

I read this a little fast the first time and thought the kid was a five year old. Read it again and nope. Definitely a teenager. Thank god for that granddad. Read more

Stories about bosses sticking up for their staff against angry asshole customers get me through the worst of days. Read more

Get out of my head, I was just about to mention Stuff You Missed in History Class. Such a great podcast. Read more

Oh man, she sounds so good. She sounds so so good. Read more

Right? Especially when you have no pubic hair to protect you. Read more

Beyond the obviously problematic, is this an ad for women's denim? Because this is a terrible way to advertise to us since it's really only going to stick in the minds of men (and a few women). For god's sake, I can't even tell what the jeans look like. It would be more provocative to put women's denim on a sexy man. Read more requires a unique level of hubris to name a scientific theory after oneself. Read more

I like "Anaconda" because I don't take it seriously. Read more

That woman punched that other woman's ear clean off!

Don't you have some women to shame, sweety? Since you seem so keen on tearing others down. Read more

Except judging another person on their appearance. Good job. Read more

No, your assuming that she doesn't do meaningful, community oriented activities in her spare time just because she does this one thing is why we can't have nice things. It's shallow. Read more

Let's put them both in a sealed Thunderdome and let the collective volume of their inflated egos suffocate them to death. Read more

I always think of the opening sequence of Argo and how he actually took to task the United States' shitty involvement and manipulation of the region. I mean, the rest of the movie sort of ignored that, but it was a really great note to start on. Read more

Let's be perfectly frank here. It's not Christianity that Bill Maher, strident Atheist, is holding as an example to aspire to, but the West in general. Which is still a laughable conclusion. Read more