Toupe color doesn’t work w/ the code Read more

Toupe color doesn’t work w/ the code

Just remember to cancel the autorenewing subscription Read more

Just remember to cancel the autorenewing subscription

This probably isn’t even a question. But is there a worst decision than trying to sleep next to your kid? They are 2000 degree pinwheels that make odd noises and twitch nonstop while driving their tiny feet in to your sides. Read more

Dude, that’s rough, but a sensible move on your son’s part. This organization has nothing but mean-spirited, naked contempt for the younger part of its fan base. It’s unbelievable. Gettleman gratuitously trolling Beckham (a player who was almost universally loved by fans under 30) with the “not anymore” comment was a Read more

“In time you’ll be very pleased,” Gettleman promised. Read more

Jones has all the right attributes: Will, Height, Intelligence, Tenacity, Eye-hand coordination. Read more

Watch out for Chastity Gooch-Fant Read more

That’s what they said about Duke.  Read more

This is Jizyah Shorts’ year. Everyone else is just along for the ride. Read more

So, as an experienced parent, what are the best children’s’ activities to re-live as an adult, that take you right back to being a kid again?
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I’m surprised she told you about that. Read more

Chef: MY MOM

“Imagine being sooooo good looking that your Instagram followers go from from 30,000 to 207,000 by playing 30 minutes at the World Cup." Read more

As long as all of the punches were thrown underhand, no rules were broken. Read more

You’d think the Tigers of all people would know if you need to take a Goose out of the park, you call on Lance Parrish or Kirk Gibson. Read more

“Horton, Here’s a Poo!” Read more