James VerlanderBeek
Nov 16 2016

I guess that also explains why Drake and Steph are about half as freaked out as Chappelle.

Oct 23 2016

A forced, civil war themed rivalry? The rivalries that are born and evolve naturally from years of slights, hatred, and disappointment are what make college football great. This is just some marketing ploy. Its a real Shiloh for the sport.

Aug 9 2016

I see no problem with the underwater cameras, I see a problem with freaking out over seeing a woman’s nipple, especially in this context. They’re not sex objects, they’re athletes competing. This view gives a good look at a sport where a lot more happens under the surface of the water than the casual fan realizes. Read more

Aug 4 2016

If this was Jezebel, the title would’ve been “Entitled White Male Harasses Chinese Woman Online, Gets What He Deserves.”

Jul 22 2016

The Knicks are a super-team. All the guys have taken second jobs in property management.

Jul 14 2016

The EMT gave him a Hyper Potion and brought him back from 1 HP

Jun 5 2016

Ali is certainly a class of his own, but Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio and Pat Tillman also gave years of their life (in Tillmans case, all of them) to “fight” for what they believed in. This is not to denigrate Ali, what he did, in my mind, is no less brave or important than what those others did.

May 22 2016

Haha thanks I guess. I was wrong, but nobody ever admits fault or wrongness over the Internet so I’m trying to even things out a bit lol.

May 21 2016

while not taking sides here, you are aware of such things as time zones, yes?