Inspector Spacetime
Apr 10 2018

He’s so sharp and funny but also seems like a genuinely good dude. I love his A Closer Look segments (also his Day Drinking with Kelly Clarkson was HILARIOUS). Congratulations to him and his family.

Mar 24 2018

Wheni first got my ring I had dreams about the stones falling out All. The. Time. It was the worst!

Feb 8 2018

The level of fandom thought in your comment, your Kinja handle, and avatar are such an apropos combo.

Jan 15 2018

I reactivated my Groupon account and now they send me 4-5 emails a day, so now I remembered why I deactivated it originally

Dec 13 2017

This is good news that Smith plans to run on her own merits, and I hope the DFL rallies around her. Amy Klobachar, too. The two points Clinton margin doesn’t really worry me because in an apocolyptic year where Democrats lost almost every close state, they still didn’t lose Minnesota. That doesn’t mean Minnesota is a Read more

Dec 7 2017

I can be okay not seeing the next Fantastic Beasts movie, that’s fine, but I *need* to read the next Cormoran Strike book. If it ever comes out.

Library, I guess.

Dec 2 2017

This one’s better. I can’t name a single Demi Lovato song, but I saw her sing this on The Today Show and was kind of impressed.

Dec 2 2017

I truly cannot tell if you are amazingly hilarious (fingers crossed) or think this is really the sexy-mugshot-guy??

Nov 25 2017

The only reason why I was crying during Coco was because there were some jackass sitting next to me, chopping up onions. And the theater was full of ragweed and pollen.

Nov 20 2017

No, Mike Pence’s stupid rule dehumanizes and objectifies women just as much, while also working to deny women equal career opportunities as men. Mike Pence and grab-ass men are two sides of the same coin.

Nov 20 2017

I’m not a Taylor Swift fan, *except* for her countersuit against the guy who grabbed her ass during a photo. The message she sent there was clear: women smile while having their asses grabbed in photos because they’re startled, confused, nervous, and trying to behave well, like women are taught to do, not because they Read more

Sep 22 2017

I don’t understand this thread. There’s plenty of research showing that driving tired is as bad or worse than driving drunk. Just because someone gets paid more doesn’t mean they don’t also deserve safe working conditions. Just like social work and other long hours, high pressure jobs both a) should pay more and b) Read more

Sep 21 2017

The pumpkin is also more seasonally appropriate. We don’t need Christmas songs in a sweltering September, thank you very much.

Sep 19 2017

Taking on a different gossip in this comment- but somehow I’m upset about bilson and Christensen? I saw him once in Houston and 2nd and it took me at least two blocks to figure out who had just smirked at me. He was at the height of his fame, too - which isn’t saying much. Kind of forgot they were an item, now kind of Read more

Sep 7 2017

Yeah, well, I just had my heart broken by a group of women I trusted and thought were my friends and I am very grateful that my actual best friend (my husband) has been a solid shoulder to cry on. So I am not so sure about Anna’s advice now.