Inspector Spacetime
Mar 27 2018

Didn’t Rihanna have an affair with Jay-Z though? I feel like that would make her much less likely to get away with it.

Feb 7 2018

Jason is definitely Andy if anyone. Which would make Janet April, which also works because she’s jealous of Ann/Tahani and BFFs with Ron/Michael.

Dec 6 2017

Minnesota has one of the best Democratic benches right now, including many women and POC. I’m not even a little concerned that they’ll find a suitable replacement.

Dec 6 2017

Actually, if Franken resigns the seat will be voted on again in 2018. I still think he should do it, though.

Nov 1 2017

That’s a shame, “love yourself” is way better. I’m not sure if I’d go so far as to call it shade (RIP shade court), but it’s definitely shadier.

Aug 31 2017

See, I also forgot that Nicole Richie and Joel Madden were still together. I think I got them confused with Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz maybe?

Aug 9 2017

Is anyone else super uncomfortable with the way the Taylor Swift case is being covered? This one wasn’t so bad, but the “omg look at the line to view the trial/this court sketch/etc” seems so gross when we’re talking about an assault case.

Aug 8 2017

You know what else is great with weed? Just a whole head of cabbage, raw. This isn’t anything against Halo Top, I really like it. But literally everything is great with weed.

Aug 8 2017

I also like how women are just more oriented towards people skills, which is why they aren’t qualified for the obviously no people skills required roles of “leaders.”

Aug 8 2017

You know, I’m always so worried about clicking links like that in case they’re secretly awful, so I’m glad that was the opposite!

Aug 7 2017

Her first album was in 2006, so you’re almost there! Although that one was pretty country, so depending on how mainstream you’re going, you probably won’t get there until around 2008.

Jul 28 2017

That’s kind of my point? I personally know lots of Democrats who read it, but in a world where we can’t agree on the facts, I’m kind of glad that white Republican women are getting a daily reminder that Trump is doing things that are really really really not normal, instead of just whatever else they’d be getting as Read more

Jul 28 2017

Eh, I get the criticisms, but almost every woman I know reads the Skimm. Some of them are news junkies that are just supplementing their other sources of information, but a lot of them are people who otherwise wouldn’t be reading the news much and I’m just glad they’re keeping up if that’s what works for them. The Read more

Jul 19 2017

I also think that’s one of those ones that you wouldn’t put on your resume but could definitely get a read for how an interviewer would take it and bring it up then as part of the conversation.