2/23/16 3:40PM

My strategy is to teach my daughter soon, probably this summer, to recognize dangerous spiders and bugs so that she will hopefully come get me for the dangerous ones and not worry about the friendly ones.

2/23/16 3:06PM

She’s only 3, don’t beat yourself up for it. My parents still coddle me whenever possible and I’m in my late 20s and live in a different timezone than them. And I still went away to college and joined the rugby team. :) Read more

2/22/16 12:24PM

I assume that’s how Charles, Andrew and Anne are fed as well.

2/19/16 6:13PM

I feel your pain. The cat I’d had since I was 8 just dropped dead a week before I came home from my first year of college. The last time I’d seen her, I promised her I’d be home in less then a month, as she cried begging me not to go.

2/19/16 4:21PM

I am so sorry for your loss. I’ve just been through it too, and damn if it doesn’t hurt so much more, and consistently, than one would ever imagine. Read more

2/19/16 4:08PM

I lost my beloved cat in September, I promise, it’ll get easier.... but damn if I’m not ugly crying reading all of these beautiful stories. Read more

2/19/16 3:24PM

I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my girl two months ago, i promise it gets easier, but you never forget.

1/21/16 4:40PM

I hate it. There seems to be soooo much more slobber involved than in regular oral and I’m too distracted by sucking cock to enjoy what the guy is doing. Also, asphyxiation by scrotum is not what I want my mother to read on my death certificate. Do not want.

1/19/16 10:30PM

Looking at all the idiots thinking they’re so so clever for invoking Darwin or making snide comments about the patriarchy while I languish in the grays is disheartening.

1/19/16 1:02PM

Can you and the ‘Darwin Award’ folks on every news story about a senseless death just kind of.. fade away or something? Read more