5/25/16 4:31PM

I work in a small law office where I am the only employee. Both my bosses happen to be men. I’d say we’ve got a smart-casual vibe here. If my bosses are appearing in court that day, they’re in suit and tie. If they’re not, it’s polo shirt and slacks. I take this to mean I Read more

2/23/16 2:21PM

So, I am not criticising you, but this has highlighted to me the sort of parent that I am. We also get brown recluses where I am, and for this reason I won’t reassure my daughter “it’s okay!” if she starts screaming at a spider. Read more

2/22/16 10:46AM

Weighing in, too. Also not preaching, just playing devil’s advocate. And FWIW I agree that it’s stupid as fuck. I’m not endorsing this (and I’m an Anglican Catholic, FFS). Read more

2/19/16 3:17PM

This beautiful boy was a major part of my life for almost 15 years. I was a lonely, friendless child, and he made me happy. When I was fifteen and he was only five, someone kicked him; rupturing his chest wall, breaking his ribs, and displacing his vital organs. Somehow, he survived the thirteen surgeries that

2/01/16 9:57AM

Okay, hold on though. I agree that any “you have to change yourself completely to find love” message is a shitty one (looking at you, my beloved Breakfast Club), but I’ve never interpreted Grease that way. Danny and Sandy both change. If it were just Sandy becoming this bad girl and getting the man, then, yeah, ick. Read more

1/14/16 12:15AM

Did Jennifer Aniston actually get married? Like, was it confirmed by her people? I’ve been assuming it was tabloid bullshit this whole time.

1/05/16 11:08AM

So, yeah, like everyone else has said, I don’t think she meant that women can’t be successful if they have children. But what I think, because she said ‘pregnancy’ and not ‘child’, she’s saying is “that notorious ‘abortion provider’ everyone hates ensured that I never had the need for an abortion”. Reminding people Read more

1/05/16 11:00AM

It is awful. I have a three-year-old. Every day when I drop her off at daycare I stop to give her huge cuddles and kisses. I never skip them, even if I’m running late for work. Because it’s always in the back of my mind that any day could be another Sandy Hook. Read more