Oct 13 2017

I heard this many times as a child, from the time I could form long-term memory through high school. Hearing it or reading it now is like being gut-punched by the emotions that pummeled my younger self every time I was told. Read more

Aug 1 2017

Average foot shape. Men’s regular width shoes are wider than women’s regular width shoes when each are a comparable size. Generally, a women’s size 9 will be equivalent to a men’s 7 or 7.5 (so, 1.5 to 2 numbers lower), but the men’s shoe will be wider. Read more

Jul 18 2017

I’m guessing we’re still screwed on the sabotaging the ACA and letting it fail once they sabotage it even more. The insurance companies have to commit soon to being in the marketplaces next year and every comment congress or the white house releases makes the insurance companies more worried about market volatility. Read more

Jul 15 2017

If it was a lake cottage, I don’t think it’d be quite so WTF. Then again, when it comes to lake cottages, quirks are the norm.

Jul 14 2017

This might be your only hope. I’d have lost my shit already.

Jul 13 2017

Seriously. More than minimal talking turns me off, especially when it verges into the realm of dirty talk (related to sexual abuse when I was a kid). I was up front about it and have repeated it to my husband several times. AND YET. It’s like, no, really, stop talking. You’ve gone over the quota and my body and mind Read more

Jul 11 2017

The end of my birth plan (I didn’t have one really—it was pretty much narcotics make me weird so I’ll just ask for an epidural when I’m ready to tap out, and then do whatever for the best outcome for both of us) was that after the kid was out, I wanted a roast beef sandwich ASAP. Read more

Jul 10 2017

Also, Quincy being pronounced Quin-zee throws a lot of people off. Or Billerica being bill-rica. Woburn (woobin). Peabody (pea-b’dee). I grew up hearing Peabody the massachusetts way and so hearing it the way everyone else says it somehow sounds wrong to me. Read more

Jul 8 2017

I used to put up with toxic xbox live chat in multiplayer games years back (call of duty games and the halo games), but it got too ugly too often, so I ended up muting everyone except people on my friends list. But Overwatch is apparently the opposite. Not that you won’t encounter assholes, but you come across them Read more