I have a friend named Allison, she is hooked on this.

That one was on a Michigan M-plate - it was actually owned by Ford. Also, it has usage restrictions and can’t stay in the US for more than a year or so.

Rockstar should totally release that green car as a DLC. Call it the Pfister Came GT4.

“Welcome to the Los Santos International Auto Show!”

dammit R*!!! Ijust bought gta5 on ps3 2 days ago, and now they annouced this!

KFC is one of those American restaurant brands that's gotten super-huge in East Asia. I live in Korea and it's big here, too. Another restaurant which is inexplicably popular is Pizza Hut. People here are always surprised when I tell them how janky Pizza Hut is in the US, but they've got clean, two-story locations in Read more

The lyrics translate to him stating that if he were to give children in the Congo your opportunities they would be graduating from college by now not slanging and buying gold chains or guns to put on the airs of being a thug. More like a statement on taking advantage of opportunities rather than a take down of Read more

Canuckistan gets the B-class when Murica doesn't, maybe it will also get this BMW B-class while USA doesn't.

I actually live in a town that is one of the main stops of the Yamagata Shinkansen. Everyone around here is insanely excited for these trains, and since the stopping point is Fukushima, I have a feeling that they're going to see a big influx of shoppers from Yamagata coming out of the mountains. It's too bad that they Read more

These people give real Christians a bad name. Most of us not are like them!

Everyone doing burnouts to smoke out the WBC should have this bumper sticker.

Can a bunch of tuners and racers show up and do burnouts in front of them? That would be awesome.

Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, and those crappy Fast and Furious movies are why I care about cars today.

God no. The Excursion should have never been made in the first place. So worthless.

I'm buying one of these. All Jalops in the Greater Toronto Area have my permission to come over to a BBQ next summer at my place, where you all can go out for a test drive at a local auto cross, should you have an appropriate license. Read more

Why are they doing this? I think Rob Ford could be a great spokesperson for the car company! Think about it:

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It's a crazy world indeed. Nintendo's got their demographics down pat. A young Japanese person buys a new Nintendo 3DS game to play while their parent goes out to play Nintendo Mahjong. Each blissfully unaware of the company's involvement in the other's lives.

in Hong Kong, taxis are color-coded in a sense that it tells which area it will serve: red (HK, Kowloon), green (New Territories), blue (Lantau Island)

We shall always remember that Ford Falcon was part of the taxi history in Hong Kong.