3rd Gear: Looks at all American manufacturers. And yes, I’m looking right at you Ford. When Ford announced that they’re killing their entire passenger car lineup except the Mustang, it’s quite obvious that they’re committing market suicide since not everyone could afford a bloated, $27k CUV, especially for new college Read more

The front plate law is far from stupid. In fact, it is necessary for the law enforcement to track down criminals and crimes from stolen vehicles to child abductors. Furthermore, it’s an accepted common courtesy that you put license plates on both ends of your car without complains everywhere else in the world. Read more

That’s easy. The dreaded 25 YEARS IMPORT LAW, dictating that you can’t import a fuel sipping brown station wagon directly from Europe or a Skyline directly from Japan, but you can import a smoke belching rolling death trap because of “environmental and safety concerns”. In fact, I would say blame Mercedes-Benz for Read more

There are quite a plenty here in Hong Kong. The best part is I got to see them quite often here.

Meanwhile at the private sector, Florida’s GoBrightline will be commencing service this summer, and Texas Central is looking forward to build a HSR corridor between Dallas and Houston using Shinkansen technology. So you are wrong on “no one is willing to operate private passenger rail”

Meh. I will take the startup sound of the ISLe 340, which is used on the Alexander Dennis Enviro500 double decker bus:

The reason for this, the newspaper reports, is that automakers and the government fear there's too much of a focus on JDM-only vehicles. Most of the kei cars, which have sub 1.0-liter engines, aren't exported, and that's starting to not make much sense in today's era of globalized volume sales. Read more

That really clears up everything. Thanks for the translation.

I do remember them - there are a lot of these Hino trucks running on the roads of Hong Kong, and still does up until today.

At first I thought this was another hoax, but I was completely shocked when I Googled the news and found out that was real. Anyways, here's my tribute for him, of some of his driven cars in the movies in 1:64 scale:

No. From what they say it seems Hong Kong and Taiwan are also on the list (both region are more liberal than China itself).

Speaking of Pokemon, although there is console ban, but there are fan translated Simplified Chinese versions of GBA-era Pokemon games as I have found out a while ago when I am browsing Chinese websites looking for GBA roms to play on my phone.

Interesting. I have never see this one before and all I remember are the LPG Crown Comforts that are everywhere.

I appreciate your effort, but I really have doubts if it will ever meet it's thresold because regular people who just went to the dealership and buy a Camry could care less, and to bring this issue to a public awareness so that we could gather more signatures, is the biggest challenge.

I believe there's something has to be done other than whining about the 25 years rule on the internet, but then I started to lost steam after knowing how little, or even nothing we could do about it.