fuck that, if i’m stuck on a plane for 12 hours I WILL take my shoes off. Read more

Bobby Bonilla really madoff with some serious dough, there Read more

Far be it from the Wilpons to go all-in on an investment right before it goes belly up. Read more

returned to the team on a three-year deal worth $30 million a month Read more

David - Wildlife Narrator/Afficionado Read more

Comments like this are why I still get on the internet Read more

I’d love to see this play with commentary by Richard Attenborough: Read more

Apparently, it wasn’t even because he was on the Z1. The article mentions other competitors on it as well. The dispute weirdly seems to come down to the fact that he obtained the Z1 nefariously. It seems like if he had earned the Z1 legitimately, then he wouldn’t have been penalized for using it. So the suspension Read more

As a Zwift user myself.... I’m still having a hard time caring. Read more

Dammit.  Had that comment all queued up and ready to go. Read more

Eh, I’m fine with each bike having advantages/disadvantages. It becomes Chun-Li vs. Ryu. If you want to use Chun-Li? Fine. Sagat? Go for it. Pick whichever Character (Bike) fits your fighting (Riding) style. Read more

The only thing in this article that I completely believe: Read more

No, idiot. It was a fund designated to support gay fan fiction, obviously.  Read more

Well that and Craig James running around killing hookers. Read more

SMU Keeps Surprise Undefeated Season Alive With 21-Point Fourth Quarter And Triple-Overtime Win Read more

What can local SEIU members do to help Local 2?  This is complete and utter bullshit!!
Read more

So “Moo-kake” is all good then? Read more

Loved the story. I was a mediocre D3 football player at Pomona; we played against you and Zamir up in Menlo the year before and you won by 10. You probably remember me, I was the longsnapper and 3rd string tackle that year. Read more

Menlo College, I’ll be damned. I missed sharing a football field with Nate by a few years. They came to play us in Minnesota once, and since we had to scour the country to find teams we could actually be competitive with, I was hoping a D3 school from Cali might get us a win. SURE DIDN’T. They got a TD using a trick Read more