To his credit, Allen also called Santa Ana after their meeting to apologize again.

I look forward to seeing him return in the second half of Duke’s next game. Read more

If you ask me (thanks for asking!) Maddon overmanaged in Games 6 and 7. He overused Chapman in 6, yanked Hendricks too early in Game 7, and then I’d say he took out Lester too early as well. But I also suppose you could say Francona overused Miller, and he paid for that in Game 7. Read more

Were those Tampa teams supremely talented? Read more

Not “hot” so much as “supremely stupid,” in my opinion. Read more

I’m a Habs fan (obvs by the name) but this was fucked. I sat there like WTF is he doing and he full on deserved to get kicked out. I know the rule says specifically if the goalie hits a player in the head with his blocker he should be ejected, but this was close enough and it was also excessive. Read more

Just explain to the team that he’s like Brady Anderson, but actually kept up his 450% increase in HR over several seasons (several years ago). Read more

The White Sox fan on staff is yelling about how you never trade for 2B prospects. The Red Sox fan on staff is just giggling at his desk. The asshole Nationals fans on staff were whining this morning about giving up prospects for an actual dominant workhorse starter, and they deserve to never win anything ever. Read more

a washed up closer picked a fight with your star in the dugout lol Read more

The fact that the White Sox have been unable to build a team around Sale, Quintana, Rodon, Eaton, and Abreu that can even make the fucking playoffs inspires great confidence that they will come out ahead in this trade. Fuck Jerry Reinsdorf. Read more

I love how you make this the focal point and you don’t even mention how, after the play, the back helmsman decapitated 17 geese with his longsword to secure 15 toggle points, which, by the way, the priest converted easily into 2 victory runes. Read more

He hit the guy below the nipple line. That’s not a card and not necessarily a foul. He was trying the shield the ball. I don’t know if he even realized that the other guy did the whole head flying back flopping thing. Read more

you are this upset about a team of people you don’t know losing a game? Imagine how you might feel if your people were virtually exterminated over a span of hundreds of years, thrown onto reservations, and forced to watch what was left of your people and culture become a caricature for a baseball team.... Read more

That would mean they weren’t playing the game the right way Read more

C’mon man, that’s not fair. Sox fans can’t write. Read more

My grandfather died without ever having seen the cubs win the world series. So, my Dad, ever the crazy asshole he is, brought a radio out on the porch so gramps could listen in from heaven. We all thought he was going out there to jack off, but nope he was going out there to be with his Dad, which I thought was sweet. Read more

How about not on his finger?
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the Indians never quite threatened, but they constantly threatened to threaten Read more

As an Irishman I’m far more insulted about the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. They fucking stink this year.
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