Anyone know what his career ERA is third time through the order against .500+ teams? Read more

Any of you Chapo Trap House fans? Read more

Why am I in the greys again? I didn’t comment for a month and when I came back I was in the greys? Is this Kyle’s work? Read more

How in the fuck do the Mets only make him throw 21 pitches in 3 innings!? Read more

one of the best records in baseball over the final month and a half, going 26-23 Read more

Cubs last tied in May of 93. I can get declaring a tie for a late season game that’s meaningless but how in the hell does a game that early in the year not get made up before a postseason outcome is determined? Anyone know the context? Read more

I think that’s part of it and the other part is he’s incredibly stupid. Read more

Look at it. You take an aspirin, I take an aspirin, it might give you extreme side effects of illness and your body … may reject it, where I would be fine. Read more

physically as well as psychically Read more

I’ll be in Bar Harbor starting next Saturday. Any suggestions on food, trips, etc.? Read more

Damn, if only he’d cleaned after jerking, he wouldn’t have been so embarrassed after he woke up. Read more

Hey guys, so about 6 months after he left Deadspin, Kyle starred one of my comments....I made the comment like 3 months before he left. What the fuck? Read more

Some people are haters of the Philadelphia Eagles. But many, many more people are FANS of the Philadelphia Eagles. Read more

I was at a Bears game over a decade ago. I remember the excitement of seeing the local kid and young star McNabb (because the Bears were, as usual, dogshit). Around the third quarter, I think, McNabb threw a completed pass. Suddenly a guy behind us goes into a full on racist tirade. I turn around and am surprised to Read more

Dick Fiddler, are you mad? You seem mad. Read more