His Stigness
Jul 10

Everything he does in intentional. The more pictures I take of him, the more he poses. 

Jul 10

At this point I think I need to have a talk with Mu about his posing. It’s too much, I can’t handle it.

Jul 9

Uh, well, Mr. Financial “Advisor,” it’s doing well as the remaining balance on the car note sits in a savings account (or any other investment vehicle of your choosing) GAINING interest. Read more

Jul 3

I can’t keep track of Mu’s different poses. At least every week’s gallery is different for you guys.

Jun 30

Ah yes, he’s clearly not racist, he just said some incredibly shitty things and is now backpedaling so damn hard he’s burning rubber. Read more

Jun 28

The only Jetta Hybrid I ever saw was when I was at training when it was introduced. I’ve never seen one on the road. Read more

Jun 27

These are the squeegees I bought. Best technique ever for a dirty windshield. It scrapes all the crap away and takes the effort out of it. Read more

Jun 26

So Mumu knows when it’s time for bed, but he can never decide if he wants to sleep on my bed, or on his bed (which I put right beside my bed). The other day he decided to lay on my bed. You can see how tired he is. But my favorite is when I get out of the shower and he’s all ready for bed in his little bed next to

Jun 25

Would you say you automatically get tickets because you’re middle-aged and white? Or do you go fast enough to make them mad and so they have the ticket pre-written? Read more