His Stigness
Jul 4

There’s nothing like finding out your dresser drawer has become a cat bed. Oh well, I’ll just walk around with a coating of fur on my black trousers, thank you.

Jun 26

It's been proven scientifically that Mu is impossible to resist, even when he's wide awake at bedtime. What a handsome fella!

Jun 26

Air pollution goes everywhere. Where I live, every neighborhood has bad air. And cleaner air is a sufficiently admirable goal to justify this action. This is obvious pandering to the hot issue of the moment, and am laughing so hard at the people falling for it. Read more

Jun 24

This is a huge point. My B8.5 A4 allroad, for example, makes a distinctive clunk when pulling away from a stop on a steep hill. This is the automatic system which has held the car in place on said hill disengaging. The owners manual mentions the existence of this system, but to an owner who can’t be bothered to check Read more

Jun 5

Aw, I bet Mu is missing you when you’re gone! Someone’s got to bring home the tuna though :D