Oct 30

Okay, I guess I need to start getting my information of Deadspin from sources other than Deadspin.

Oct 30

Ok, I’m getting legit worried about the state of Deadspin. It’s after 9:30 am Eastern, and Freddie Kitchens is still the lead story even with all of the World Series shenanigans last night. This can't be good. 

Oct 27

If I owned a Mexican restaurant in the Boston area, I’d have Tacko Fall doing awesomely bad local TV ads starting tomorrow.

Oct 25

I have a feeling that if Houston manages to extend the series,  Trump will suddenly have some business come up and he won't be able to go. Because you know he would not take a public booing well.

Oct 20

Phillip Rivers grew up less than two hours away from Nashville. So his quiverfull of kids are there, and his quiverfull friends with their quiverfull kids probably made the drive as well, and that probably took up a section or two in that stadium!

Oct 19

The Brooklyn Cylones and the Staten Island Yankees have fantastic ballparks! Would be a real shame...

Oct 18

Completely agreed on the road grays in baseball - the Yankees road uniforms are some of the most depressing ones in all of sports, this side of the Ottawa Senators whites. I think a good solution to this is keeping the gray pants, in order to more easily differentiate teams, but colored tops must be mandatory. Several

Oct 17

Agreed - I’m asking for Kevin Lebanc to do the same for a certain friend of mine for the same reason.

Oct 16

That is embarrassing, but not as embarrassing as losing a playoff series because you couldn’t get your ass off the ice quickly enough to avoid an offsides!