10/31/19 1:27PM

If Deadspin was still here they would be able to explain that the correct answer is “soccer players”. But they’re a bunch of hipsters, so they’d probably call them “football players” and confuse everyone.

10/31/19 12:49PM

I’m absolutely devastated we lost Deadspin, but I am here for this kind of coverage on Jezebel. Rugby men for the win! 

10/30/19 1:39PM

Maybe if we mention Jim Spanfeller enough, we can make it happen.  We really need some other sites to link to this, but good luck with that.

10/30/19 12:46PM

This will never not be wonderful. The only thing more important to Deadspin history than Barry is Piggy Poop Balls.

10/30/19 12:22PM

We need to get this to be the first result that comes up when you search Spanfeller, G/O, etc. Someone smarter than me: how do we achieve this?

10/30/19 12:20PM

I read all of those Stick To Sports articles yesterday as well. They were the best. I also sent them an email--it was very satisfying but I doubt they’ll read it and if they do they seem like the kind of craven shits that won’t care.

10/30/19 12:16PM

Hey that piece of shit nestled between that pig’s enormous testicles looks just like Jim Spanfeller! Uncanny! Read more

10/30/19 12:09PM

A question for the Funbag: why should I keep reading anything on this website after Jim Spanfeller and Paul Maidment went to the lengths of firing Barry, like cowards, for the dumbest of reasons?

I want to support the writers here—this is both the best website that exists, and has ever existed, and the best sports Read more

10/29/19 2:58PM

I appreciate the bravery of the editors and writers who have rebelled this week. I understand that it involves a substantive cost - in terms of lost wages and stress - to protest the actions of a tyrannical upper management who have for months tried to steamroll the editors across G/O.
Read more

10/29/19 2:53PM

I really don’t think that’s so far fetched. When Trump was elected, my first thought was that I knew there were racists, sexists, and people who didn’t care if you were a racist or a sexist, but I had no idea there were 60 million of them or that they were bold enough to speak up like this. Read more

10/29/19 12:39PM

As someone who was once part of a similar insurrection against arrogant, incompetent, and condescending management, I want to applaud all of y’all for today’s showing. I’m sure you’re simultaneously enjoying the fun of mutiny while also understanding the risk. Please also know how much it means to us here in the feebl Read more

8/23/19 4:05PM

As “F-U, I’m outta here letters go,” this one is pretty classy and filled with real evidence. Good luck, Megan!