6/01/21 12:39PM

I came here just to find the “the new layout sucks” comment so I could star it and comment agreeing.

This might finally be the nail in the coffin on me visiting this site (not that anyone cares).

6/01/21 12:36PM

I won’t pretend that I -haven’t- downloaded a rom package that claimed to have every SNES game ever released, but I can also honestly say that was more novelty than anything and it saved me from having to track down a couple dozen of my favorites (most of which I actually STILL own their cartridges).

Emulation is Read more

5/26/21 1:52PM

but i don’t know what makes anyone think it would be hard to believably explain their absence. Read more

5/24/21 1:57PM

Marvel hasn’t let me down yet (with respect to the movies), so I assume they’ll figure a good way out of that... the teaser just didn’t really do anything but make me less interested. Which at this point, it can only be UP from here :p

5/24/21 11:12AM

You caught my feelings on this exactly. Moving forward, Marvel has a hell of a task ahead of them of justifying any sufficiently powerful (and aware) force having sat on the sidelines during all of the Thanos stuff. Just by virtue of that alone, the Eternals come across as dicks.

So far nothing about this has me Read more

5/13/21 10:55AM

I hope they operate under the assumption that a huge portion of their audience is familiar with the general concept of LotR.  Much in the same way Marvel didn’t feel the need to rehash Spider-Man or Hulk’s origins in their latest incarnation, I think Amazon has a lot of room to avoid having to explain what an Elf, Read more

4/28/21 4:57PM

Genuine question, not trolling or being facetious.

Would it have been a better move to not have Lamar in the story at all and instead just had another white guy as Walker’s sidekick that they could “fridge”?

I mean, I do agree that Walker’s sidekick dying was necessary to either push the character or remove his Read more

4/27/21 10:12AM

All very good points. I imagine, as well, they often go for “proven but not break-out” so they can lock these actors into studio-favorable contracts over a long period. The more known someone is, the heavier their price tag, but at the same time if you are dealing with a virtual unknown then you don’t really know what Read more

4/23/21 4:23PM

This might not be the right post to ask this, but can someone explain (or link me to an explanation) as to why so many articles seem to suggest this narrative that it’s more likely life (or the building blocks) originated elsewhere and was brought to Earth, instead of life as we know it originating here? I get Read more

4/16/21 3:14PM

It applies, but only takes off $4.29 for me. Not sure how doing this makes it cost “just under $15 a year”... my total after tax is $53.01.

It applies, but only takes off $4.29 for me. Not sure how doing this makes it cost “just under $15 a year”... my

4/16/21 3:13PM

You can grab 2 full years of PS Plus for just $53 (just under $27 per year). To get it, add a 1-year membership to your cart. Then head to checkout, up the quantity to two, and enter the code APRILPLUS. It shakes out to just under $15 a year, so this is an excellent bit of saving for anyone with enough foresight to Read more

You can grab 2 full years of PS Plus for just $53 (just under $27 per year). To get it, add a 1-year membership to

4/16/21 11:28AM

I appreciate all of the replies. I wish people hadn’t gotten hung up on my specific comparison (it was off the cuff, not intended as a literal comparison). Perhaps had I used “I’m a vocalist, and if another person/entity hired me to do some vocals on their song with nothing about ongoing royalties in the payment terms Read more

4/15/21 3:01PM

I’m not being facetious, but can someone explain to me the difference between this and if, say, my graphic design job had me do paid work and that work somehow went on to be part of making millions of dollars?

When “someone” is hired to do a job, and the product/result/fruits of that labor becomes “someone else’s Read more

4/14/21 11:01AM

It’s somewhat funny to think that people might nitpick “Gary has been to Seymour’s house before” but is seemingly fine with Bart “about to start the 4th grade” multiple times or probably a dozen “last day of school” episodes. The only continuity with the Simpsons is that there isn’t. If anything, the instances in Read more

4/12/21 10:45AM

I haven’t watched any since the first, but I’d watch that.