6/01/21 10:40AM

I’m happy I could find the Morning Spoilers on Gizmodo; io9 is dead to me.

5/31/21 7:54PM

As much as I support keeping old games alive via emulation, especially for games that we all know are never going to see a rerelease, everything this guy in particular did seemed to be stupid decisions.

5/26/21 7:19PM

Oh, absolutely fair, I’m just saying EXPLAINING absense in ANY narrative is as easy as addressing motive, circumstances, etc. Swapping in explanations feels pretty simple to me, but if the explanation itself doesn’t hit, that’s another story altogether and I want to make that distinction clear. No judgments on your Read more

5/24/21 12:38PM

I mean, the universe is a big place and sometimes things happen quickly. They might really just not have had the chance. If you think that they may have seen Thanos as beneath their notice until Infinity War because prior to that he had NOT been especially successful collecting infinity stones, then the events in Read more

5/24/21 9:59AM

All powerful super team that mysteriously sat on the sidelines when the fate of the universe was at hand on Earth because “reasons”! Read more

5/19/21 3:10PM

On behalf of those people who do possess both a sense of humor and are mature enough to understand that oftentimes there is context to said humor, I’d like to offer to you a lusty heartfelt Congratulations on your nigh-epic virtual signaling via anonymous Internet comment board. Read more

5/19/21 2:52PM

You can find something repulsive but still find a darkly funny aspect to it.

5/13/21 2:53PM

If someone lives in a place with less than 70% of people fully vaccinated, or is still reporting more than 500 new cases per day, it really isn’t the time to stop wearing masks.

5/13/21 2:49PM

I agree.  At this point it is easy to identify the idiots who have absolutely zero empathy for other human beings.  I don’t need to be mixed up with them.  Plus even though I am 95% protected, I still can’t risk bringing it home to my two small children.  I am wearing a mask until we reach herd immunity or there is Read more

5/13/21 2:44PM

Unless I start wearing a shirt that says I’m vaccinated I’m going to still wear a mask.  And I’m going to assume anyone not wearing a mask is a Trumper worried about their ‘freedumbs’ more than stopping a deadly pandemic.  Not that you really need the absence of a mask to easily point those idiots out anyway.

5/06/21 11:25AM

Honestly? Good for him. I think he got to do more interesting projects.

4/28/21 10:50AM

See that’s why I’m terrible because my first instinct was to push Becky onto the floor for not moving her dumb ass. I’m not climbing up on the table for no damn body, especially some bitch who came in uninvited and wouldn’t let me the fuck out.

4/26/21 12:22PM

Honestly I don’t know the answer to your question, but I would guess that since they don’t exactly how life originated, each possibility is treated equally. And since there’s only two outcomes in this case (Earth vs. outside of Earth) they both get a lot of looks. Read more

4/24/21 11:49AM

Meh, I’m not really sure what else they were supposed to do though. Tony Stark and The Incredible Hulk are decidedly older characters, so casting older actors makes sense. If you can cast older actors you can choose from a more well established bevy of options. So you can cast a RDJ or Norton for those roles. But if Read more

4/20/21 9:22AM

But seriously I got no problem with the potential fanservice element of the upcoming film.
Read more