Jul 31 2016

It’s highly dependent on the particular woman. Some women think a lot about what they wear to fancy events and others don’t. There are men who think way more about their suits and ties than I think about throwing on a dress and whatever heels look cute with it. Read more

Jul 9 2016

Question answered... *sigh*

Jul 9 2016

Are women qualified to govern their preferences and behaviour? Absolutely. I never said or felt otherwise. Read more

Jun 24 2016

I judge people who drive lifted bro-douche trucks that tailgate and spew coal. Those people deserve to be judged.

Jun 21 2016

Off topic, but have you heard what a mess Obama has made of our economy? From Read more

Jun 17 2016

It doesn’t really make much sense here. This couple wasn’t trying to drum up publicity - there were no pictures of the wedding and their relationship seems to have been low-key. Find better targets if you want this joke to work, Jezebel.

Jun 10 2016

I do linen pants in the summer. I have a pair of linen cropped drawstrings from H&M that I adore and will never get rid of.

May 29 2016

I watched Gilbert Grape with my parents, and I think that’s the last time I saw one of his movies. The next day my dad said, “I had a weird dream about that red-headed kid in the movie,” and I said, “You had a dream about Johnny Depp? What was it about?” He said, “I dreamt he had a bird dog, and he couldn’t do nothin’ Read more

May 27 2016

I wonder if they dated all the other oceans first. Like, the Atlantic Ocean was their first love but then randomly found out one day it’s a right-wing nutjob that supported slavery and other awful stuff. Then they fell in love with the Indian Ocean freshman year but their parents’ didn’t approve of the relationship. Read more