12:00 PM

It’s my birthday today which is usually great, but I got diagnosed with an autoimmune disease yesterday (after I had been told that I was pretty much totally fine, so it was really out of left field) which is nottttt great. I haven’t told anyone except for Boytrude because I’m having some serious denial issues. I’m Read more

8:56 PM

I’m definitely hanging out at procrastination station. All day long I told myself that I could have one more hour of freedom and then I needed to start working. That turned into me making my way over to the couch at 8:15 fully aware that nothing was going to get done tonight. At least I spread the cases out all over Read more

8:49 PM

NOOOOOO. Now I’M ON REDDIT RELATIONSHIPS. Thanks for nothing, Rachel.

8:39 PM

I feel you. I have no pants on and I’m sitting on my couch “writing” a legal memo and trying not to buy things online instead.

5:45 PM

I can’t believe how many comments I had to scroll through to find someone calling her out for that bullshit mention of white privilege. Read more

3:25 PM

Pitch Perfect was fun-ish minus:
- the Latina character who did not say one single thing for the entire movie that wasn’t essentializing and stereotypical Read more

12:18 PM

There’s an obvious history of rappers men and society in general having a laissez faire attitude regarding verses about sexually assaulting women. Read more

2:36 PM

Well it sounds like you already know what your answer is/ what you’d like for it to be. Seems like you are cool with continuing to use them, so there you go.

10:28 AM

I think a helpful experiment to try and answer your question is to insert some other kind of cultural symbol in for the prayer flags in your situation and ask yourself if you feel like it’s appropriate. If yes, then do you (because ultimately, you can do whatever you want!), if no, then don’t do it. For instance, if Read more

10:22 AM

Agreed. If you just have a bunch of blank pieces of cloth tied to a string blowing in the wind— they are definitely just pieces of cloth and you shouldn’t worry about it. If you have a bunch of pieces of cloth that are specifically designed to look exactly like tibetan prayer flags, then yeah you are using tibetan Read more

2:45 PM

I love this song and mostly love the video but the assertion that the women in the video are not at all objectified is a ridiculous stretch. The women are wearing tiny tops and pants while Kendrick is wearing a full on COAT and at one point one of the four women I spotted in the video is shown just gyrating next to Read more

2:57 PM

I think the best thing about this is that sticker that is still on the bottom of Kristin's shoe. I don't watch this show, but I feel pretty good about that sticker.

12:26 PM

It took a" long time for me to get "bitch" out of my vocabulary as well. I try to use asshole as a substitute because everyone has one. Read more

4:11 PM

I just said you were being pretty dismissive. Intense is the word I described your earlier comment with and I'm going to stick with that word for this one as well. Read more

3:33 PM

I think there's a lot that Kanye doesn't misread — like ever prevalent racism and classism in America and the need for people with public platforms to bring that to light often and unrelentingly. Just because he says things that people don't like doesn't mean he's reading the situation wrong, it just means that he Read more

8:59 AM

It was pretty awful. But my regular cramps are pretty awful too— like wake me up in the middle of the night two times a night for advil awful. So I think I'm just an unlucky woman. Since the pain is so brief and the recovery just felt like normal cramps, I'll totally do it again. I'll just be really angry at myself Read more

4:04 PM

Maybe, maybe not. I consider myself to be an old pro when it comes to pain and my crotch due to a life of UNGODLY cramps. Getting an IUD was one of the best decisions I've ever made, but it was also THE MOST PAINFUL. My doctor let me know that for about 70% of her patients it feels "uncomfortable" but for the other Read more