8:03 PM

Took me a few months to get used to my Mirena. I think I’m taking it out in the summer though. Every fucking thing makes me cry. I was watching HP and the Goblet of Fire the other day and the quidditch World Cup made me SOB. Like full on ugly bawling. And it’s ruined my sex drive.

10:52 PM

You’re not wrong to say this smells funny, but there is no way to separate this into one part “serious racial discrimination” and one part “less so, but still serious gender discrimination” without reducing the former. Let’s not reduce this. Not one bit. Read more

2:23 PM

At my school KA had a cannon pointed at one of the African American frats. It was disgusting and no one ever said or did anything about it. This was at a school with a large AA population, but kids in KA came from rich families who donated to the school, so the administration turned a blind eye. Amazing what the right Read more

2:13 PM

I haven’t read or seen it. I did read a lot of stuff written by people who were very displeased by the whole thing and as I am white and don’t have a pony in this race, I choose to believe the many black writers and their many persuasive arguments about the problems in The Help. I work actively to break down my Read more

5:26 PM

I might have had your back if you hadn’t snuck the White privilege snark in there. Now I kind of think you’re just an entitled asshole with no self-awareness and that your kid is likely to be as well. Read more

1:40 PM

I pay $400 for an extra seat where she screams, squirms, wiggles and kicks the person next to her AND the seatback in front of her and then you tell me all about white privilege. Read more

1:39 PM

Oddly, I’d much rather hear crying children then forfeit my carry-on storage space under the seat in front of me. I don’t feel it’s reasonable for you to expect that you can take that space from the person behind you. If there’s no room in the overhead, my bag is going under the seat in front of me - and you’re out of Read more

12:44 PM

Because sexual history is an interesting part of a person’s life, and hearing about it can be a great part of getting to know them? You can ask questions while still giving no fucks.

12:23 PM

Rather than avoid the topic for your entire life, why not find a partner who doesn’t make snap judgments based on your sexual history? If one partner experiences jealousy maybe use that experience to improve communication, foster respect and self confidence? Read more

11:51 AM

One thing that I’ve wondered for a while is whether there is an accepted expectation for pretense in rap lyrics. When you listen to the lyrics in metal music, the vast majority of it is fantasy about abstract concepts, drug trips, or angsty angry stuff. But most of the fans of the music accept it as pretend and all a Read more