11:55 AM

Yeah, no heroes here. That said, I am definitely in the no-recline camp. Yes, my right to recline is implicit by the presence of a reclining mechanism in my seat. But this is one case where being technically correct is the worst kind of correct. There is a flesh-and-blood human behind me whose experience becomes measur Read more

1:09 PM

Because of the Chicken Tax, we are stuck with US or NAFTA made vehicles.  And these companies got rid of lower profit trucks (small and mid-size). Read more

5:03 PM

The ending of the Cell Saga was well done, and if you consider even the original felt like a natural ending. Read more

4:54 PM

I like how the two people they quoted essentially said it’s a big deal precisely because of how big a deal the UAW makes about American manufacturing. They didn’t say they’re necessarily upset the pens were made in China, they’re upset at the hypocrisy of hearing their leaders bleating about saving American jobs and Read more

8:50 PM

If everyone buys everything else then why are there so many Escalades around?

2:59 AM

I don’t quite understand what you’re getting at with this article (do you think Tesla is lying?), but I’d think if there’s more used inventory for sale, that would tell me that car isn’t as popular. Model 3 being the first truly affordable Tesla, people snap up any and all used deals they can get to be a part of the Read more

10:50 AM

A lot of the mechanism around leasing involves how much they can get for it on the used market post-lease. Mileage limits, damage clauses, cheap or free package allowances, etc. Trying to sell a damaged, high mileage stripper isn’t really on their short list of wants. Read more

9:37 AM

Ha! Normally Horner annoys me, but I totally agree with his sentiment here.

6:23 PM

A couple of weeks ago when I was at the track I got to chose which car I wanted to instruct: an Audi R8 v10 or a Toyota 86 (I dirve a BRZ). I chose the Audi because it’s been my “if I ever fell into a large pile of money car” (I’d say won the lotto, but I don’t play it since the math says it’s a bad bet and I’m too

6:32 PM

How many race teams have had the opportunity to leave a sport while on top? If they have to leave, it’s a bummer, but at least they won’t see themselves become Williams.

8:09 AM

Problem with the Bronx is if you own one, you’re always explaining to your buddies why you didn’t buy a Triumph, Ducati, BMW, Kawasaki, etc. Basically every brand which builds naked bikes. Because the Harley is gonna be more expensive, an objectively inferior bike or both.