I Like Cheap Beer
Oct 17 2019

How would he go about firing someone who, as I understand it, does not actually work for him?

Oct 17 2019

The Chinese are a bunch of bloodsuckers, so they assumed Adam Silver was on their side.

Sep 10 2019

Five bucks says the Patriots knew about this. Five more says the Raiders didn't.

Sep 9 2019

They should have told the Kent State administration to fuck off and kept playing. I mean, what are they gonna do about it, call in the National Guard? Read more

Sep 9 2019

All due respect to field hockey players, but I’ve killed house flies that were more important than a college field hockey game.

Aug 29 2019

I came here to say this. I try not to think about it. We should have won 2 super bowls under Reid. Watching the Chiefs in the playoffs the past 2 years was like reliving the waking nightmare that was the Eagles NFC championship games against the Bucs, Panthers and Cardinals. still knots my stomach all these Read more

Aug 29 2019

They say being a fan of sport(s) is like being on an emotional roller coaster. With Andy Reid, the roller coaster - without fail - will always be a long climb, the track leveling out and heading straight, then just one drop to ground level and then the ride ends.

Aug 29 2019

accused of throwing a newborn baby through a plate glass window of a gun store full of sex worker corpses...and guns  Read more

Aug 28 2019

The Incredible Machine

That’s a name that rings a bell that knocks over a bowling ball that makes a hamster run on a wheel that powers a conveyor belt that shoots a basketball into a hoop.

Aug 27 2019

I know where he is coming from, I got a charlie horse the other day, and despite the pain and my body screaming at me to stop, I kept at it and finished that bucket of chicken.