I Like Cheap Beer
Sep 3 2019

I’m an Eagles fan. My coworker is a Cowboys fans.
About the only thing we agree on regarding football is that we both LOVE Dan Snyder and hope he continues to own the Skins for a very long time.

Aug 29 2019

As a lifelong Eagles fan, I just want to let Chiefs fans know that as long as Andy is the coach, it will never get better.
It never gets better.

Jul 23 2019

It was 2012 and the Niners had just lost a heartbreaker to the Giants in the Super Bowl (Kyle Williams fumbled two punt returns...) Read more

Jul 22 2019

We somehow are the oldest franchise in the NFL, and yet we still have no NFL championships if you don’t count the one we won against POTTSVILLE. Read more

May 22 2019

Amen. Even though the replay refs blew this call, I’ve zero sympathy for Oregon and their fans. No whistle was blown, yet all 11 Ducks quit on the play. They deserved to have the call on the field stand.