General McFist
Sep 10 2016

Welcome to the gig, Ethan. Obviously, I keep tabs on the doings at Kotaku and it’s always nice to welcome someone to the weekend club. Read more

Jan 14 2016

The game is not worth it. Do not play it. It will potentially ruin your enjoyment of Paper Jam because it will make you hate Paper Mario with such a seething passion. I’m far enough removed at this point that I think I can enjoy Paper Jam, but Sticker Star was SOOOO bad that I am still mildly apprehensive about it. Read more

Jan 10 2016

I just realized I haven’t played any games but phone ones in the last 2 weeks. Between being sick and my job being so physically demanding, all I do with free time is sleep. It’s sad. :(

Jan 9 2016

Normally Texans fans are gasping when tasked with walking up a small flight of stairs.

Dec 12 2015

I think that you forget what TAY is. TAY is not professional reviews. No one’s paying me to write. I’m going to write my opinion. If it has hyperbole, so be it. I have absolutely no obligate stadard to follow. If you don’t like the way I write, that’s perfectly fine. I’m not writing reviews that I expect the world to Read more

Dec 11 2015

When Gawker starts paying me, sure. Until then, it’s whatever I feel like. Also, my titles in general pretty much sum up the whole article, whether I like the game or not. What is subtle?