General McFist
11:29 PM

Breathing - Number 29 on the Chiefs. Five-yard penalty and a loss of down.

11:12 PM

You absolutely nailed it. You are a dick. Tell me what it's like to be so miserable every second of your life

12:00 PM

Loving the content so far, my friend. Very glad you got your own weekend - I’ve been wanting you to have one for the longest time. YOU DUN IT! :D And you’re awesome, and my friend, and a person who is not just a person, but a man. A man that is my friend.

11:49 AM

I’m only a minute in and I am furious that they didn’t start this video out with the fact that it would be better as a FPS. I mean, at that point, the series would probably be at least worth renting. :D

4:21 PM

“So where do we go from here? Well the good news is that our Investors are backing us all the way and we’re going to get Hero’s Song done exactly when we said we would.” Read more

8:05 PM

Getting off his ass, Luke? That’s a stretch. He threw a bunch of words together in the hopes that other people would throw money at the thought. Money they got off their assets to make. Read more

12:02 PM

I'm very proud of you for posting this. You're going to find a lot of support here, and for that I'm glad. Keep your chin up, buttercup, you're going to be fine. Very proud of you.

5:42 PM

Good that they are finally doing something about this. I joined a random person, played for a few minutes, no worries. Until a third person joined. When he started killing I gained over 3000 levels in just twenty seconds or so. I had no idea I was gaining levels, as his character was directly over mine, and then I Read more

1:39 PM

I’ve had a rreeeaaaaalllly bad first kiss before, way back in college. It was cold and wet-like, I had kissed the nose of a dog. Read more

11:51 AM

Care too goddamn much and constantly trying to cheer people up when what’s bothering them is probably the LAST thing they want to talk about, because I want to solve everything for everyone, cuz that’s who I am. I’m sure it’s annoying

3:42 PM

When it comes to games, you won’t find a single scathing review (maybe, the worst I’ve ever seen is Proceed with Caution), whether that’s because somehow every game they reviewed is somehow stellar, or they are too goddamn afraid to give anything they review a negative mark because it could affect the very few review Read more

3:51 PM

Hey, hey! Alright! I get off work at 5:30 so I’ll definitely be able to tune in and listen to it. Awesome stuff!

8:49 AM

Never am we shall eat pickled onions for that is the way of anti-flex and the worst experience one will have since sitting behind someone who shit themselves on a bus.

10:31 AM

Mass Effect 1, with Shepard standing in front of that blue space station looking all heroic. Seriously, does it get any better than that ending, then with M4 part 2 by Faunts playing immediately when the credits start rolling. A game with a B-Movie feel gets that perfect ending juuuust right. Best. Ever.