General McFist
Dec 18 2014

Christmas time is nearly upon us and I get the gift of not just Bo-Flex, which is the greatest gift a gift could

Oct 20 2014

Acceptance is such a beautiful thing, and something that each and every one of us should strive for. In fact,

Sep 8 2014

This is the first call for the next "___ Foods of ___ 2014 To Devour" article. Be aware that the large turnout of appetites last time and possibility of even more hunger will make me even more restrictive about what foods are allowed in. Read more

Aug 2 2014

Food betrays you, because it belongs to me. I was empowered by it, embiggened by it. I didn't see slim fast til I

Jun 9 2014

Today I fucked up. I let things get out of control. I made a comment that was supposed to highlight a negative that