6:42 PM

Imagine being this ignorant. Imagine fancying oneself a progressive and not knowing about or at least acknowledging Russian interference, sexism, homegrown voter suppression. Ever hear of Kris Kobach? Imagine calling the first woman candidate of a major ticket, someone who was a Senator and Secretary of State who Read more

5:05 PM

So this exact comment is a great example of the kind of super defensive and inapplicable response you tend to get from Bernie supporters that makes everyone roll their eyes and slowly step back. Did I say you should vote for Hillary? Was there any discussion of who we all should have voted for in 2016? I said nothing Read more

8:45 PM

Elizabeth Warren is discovering that she isn’t the cool chick immune from the misogyny of the dirtbag left? Well how do you like that. Bernie is going to Bernie, by which I mean he is going say he’s “busy” and pretend he isn’t cosigning everything his asshole supporters do. Read more

9:33 AM

I don’t remember reading where it said Harry would stop emotionally supporting his grandmother or even where it said he’d stop doing familial royal duties (although I doubt she’d be left in the lurch since there are tons of other grandchildren and relatives and now great grandchildren). Read more

1:19 PM

I don’t like the way she phrased it but I agree with her overall point of people pissing on things and insisting that only obtuse, complicated things are “art” or worthy of notice or appreciation. But saying “classist” and tying it into actual economic class is ridiculous. Especially since everyone I know that likes Read more

8:45 AM

Haha that’s exactly what my other sisters/friends who are moms said when I asked them Before buying it. That noises is way worse than pieces! Read more

12:14 PM

Please use this space to share all the terrible entree names that would make AHESAA blush at that diner that you’re planning to open any day now. Read more

10:29 AM

Where would Bob’s Burgers be today if Bob Belcher just called it the “Chive and Fried Pickle Burger” instead of the “Baby You Can Chive My Car Burger”?

I don’t want to live in that world.