Oct 22

No question. But she moved out of her small town and to New York and then California, twelve years ago. That’s plenty of time to reconsider one’s beliefs if one has the heart to do so.

Oct 20

There are plenty of things that honest New Yorkers will admit are not often done well here. Eastern European Jewish baked goods are NOT on that list.

Oct 19

“I ain’t got the time, and my daddy thinks I’m fine.”  Anyone who’s heard “Rehab” knows her father enabled her addiction.

Oct 13

Real bad, racists are in charge of the country. I’m amazed you missed it. Racism turns out to be a very effective electoral strategy. Seems like a weird thing to be proud of.

Jul 19

I feel terrible for the employees. Disney and the other theme parks are some of the biggest employers in Central Florida. The governor fucked up royally and everything is a mess there. 

Jun 25

It's not like "I want you to cover me in your man milk" is even funny, though. 8th grade boys have a more sophisticated sense of humor. No big loss here. 

Jun 25

They’re the same fucking people who want to take inappropriate, untrained and usually fake emotional support animals everywhere. People who actually have a trained support animal do not generally have a big flashy animal and want to wave it in your face. Just like people who actually have a condition that would make Read more

Jun 25

I hope everyone who bitches about masks also drives everywhere without their seatbelt. You know, that other safety device mandated by law. And please leave all your doors and windows unlocked forever for good measure. 

Jun 23

I suspect that keeping half the existing cast while introducing just as many new POV characters was maybe his great mistake. He’s now not only juggling even more characters, but also having to pick and choose whose eyes we see major events from as all the plot threads weave together.
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Jun 19

Well, for one... A few years ago I went with my whole dad’s side of the family to Disneyworld and there’s a German restaurant in Epcot called the Beer Garten. The inside of the restaurant consists of a big perfectly-lit black dome, beautifully-decorated facades, and a few other things that make you feel like you’re Read more

Jun 16

I think it’s more complicated and subtle (and less exclusive) than that, but would bet that a lot of their customers have an amorphous sense that it is the restaurant of their moral/political tribe... and that a lot of other people avoid it for just the same reasons.

Jun 15

I would gently encourage you to read the literature - there’s lots of it, much of it widely available - about the importance of stories for children, the lifelong effect they can have, and why millennials in particular have clung to their childhood stories in a way that makes a great deal of psychological sense. Read more

Jun 1

Autism parent here. You don’t “rehome” any child ever. If you are such a fucked up human being you do something like that, then you should never be allowed to adopt.
This is a perfect opportunity to really call out the fuckary that happens in over-seas adoptions - specifically adopting children of color by white Read more