Fred Merkle
Oct 12 2017

Typical Deadspin. Nobody appreciates the gravity of this story. Least of all Perkins or Kennedy.

Oct 9 2017

If I had to guess, too chunky to be coke. I’d bet it’s crushed percs. Plenty of access to them in a locker room. Read more

Sep 28 2017

The only statue in Baltimore that could use more protection is Joe Flacco.

Sep 11 2017

Strangely, he actually didn’t get the idea from Australian Rules Football, but from watching a tape of Christian Hackenberg throwing the ball in pre-season.

Aug 28 2017

Studies show that home field advantage is real across all sports (so not just in baseball where the order of who gets to hit is a built-in advantage). Astros would be a competitive disadvantage if they had to play this series at Texas. Better to play at a neutral site than road site.