Fred Merkle
May 24 2017

They’re going to bat players from other teams in front of him? He’s fourth on the Cubs in OBP (despite an unlucky .224 BABIP) behind Bryant, Rizzo and Zobrist and projects to remain that way. It is entirely reasonable for him to bat leadoff. Read more

Mar 12 2016

Nice to finally see a little windfall from the tail end of Ruben Amaro Jr’s tenure with the Phillies when everyone in the organization became accustomed to performing with one hand tied behind their back.

Dec 8 2015

Plaxico Burress had his whole retirement riding on guns, and he didn’t even know it.

Dec 6 2015

You can tell he’s a true Bills fan because he’s so comfortable working from behind.

Oct 25 2015

Unfortunately for the Texans, this wasn’t even the worst blowout in Miami today.

Oct 22 2015

Congratulations on using (mostly) your own words to express yourself. This is a big step forward for you. However, I am not a Cub fan. Read more

Oct 12 2015

I thought it wasn’t Steve Spurrier’s job to stop Steve Spurrier?

Oct 12 2015

Actually, jinxing baseball teams is just one of many powers that the Governor of Texas does not possess.

Sep 27 2015

This is great! Thanks for sharing. It's like @pftcommenter, but a little bit less subtle.