Obfuscatio: philosopher at large
Mar 10

I could (largely) work from home, actually. I choose not to, but that’s a choice. Many others don’t have the option, which was the point of my comment and not specific to this article alone but rather as a general observation. Read more

Mar 9

Sorry (not sorry?) but it’s my natural response to all those smart-assed keyboard jockeys who think everyone now works on a computer in an office somewhere. You and I know this is not the case but a lot of (young?) idiots can’t see past their own microbubble of an existence - a modern day “let them eat cake”, if you Read more

Mar 7

Basic police work. Why can’t they just do basic police work? Y’know... review evidence and come to a reasonable conclusion. Instead we get “She fit the description... extremely loosely... and must be harrassed and punished before extrajudicial killing.” Read more