Obfuscatio: philosopher at large
Mar 26

I cant get to the NYT article because it’s paywalled, but if you can’t celebrate Easter at home with your family, perhaps joining in to a church online, then YOU ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN. If you need the economy up and running to celebrate Easter, you are NOT A CHRISTIAN.

Feb 22

I remember as a child thinking that the people who got in to positions of power had been vetted, earned their place and would tend to use their power in a fair and impartial manner. Read more

Feb 10

And America elected Donald Trump. I have a hard time calling any country backwards after that suicidal act of pure stupidity.

Feb 7

“Yong Yow pointed the finger at NYPD, saying their refusal to hold Avendano-Hernandez past his release date “forced ICE officers to locate him on the streets of New York rather than in the safe confines of a jail.” Read more

Jan 23

Anytime old white folks dont like black style... They call it “gang related” or “distracting”

Dec 6

Someone with time and abilities tonight please photoshop that image of Ivanka in the car into other driving type situations - Santa’s sleigh at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Driving Miss Daisy, Piloting the Titanic, whatever you can, please!

Dec 6

Well, Ivanka looks as good as her Dad... awkward as fuck around a motor vehicle. She even stands like a dolt, too.

Dec 6

This Barf Bag has made me angrier than any other in recent memory.  It physically hurts me to see the world turning this...   this...  THIS MOTHER EFFIN’ STUPID!  GOD DAMNIT ALL TO HELL!  MORONS!!!!  Halleuljah!  HOLY SHIT!  Wheres the Tylenol?!

Nov 25

Yeah, I know it’s a concept of a not-real thing for a simulator, but they put it on the least-paved surface possible. Assuming that astronaut could actually hop in and start it up a car on the moon, it would bottom out in no time. Read more

Nov 24

It’s like when cargo ships that spend their entire time in space are shaped like anything other than a giant box or sphere