3:24 PM

While it still sucks that the original cast lost their jobs the way they did, it’s nice to see the overall attitude this actress exudes. I’ll never forget the awkward transition between the two dubs during the Advance era. In fact, I watched some of the older stuff with my kid and he even noticed the jarring Read more

9:02 PM

The average new car buyer is 53? I can’t wait to hear about how millenials are killing new cars from the same people who feel like any kind of student loan forgiveness is evil. 

3:53 PM

Bugatti doesn’t expect you to understand, peasant. 

10:38 AM

I have almost no faith in the list from the survey. Subaru being near the bottom is crazy. Almost everyone I know who has purchased a Subaru loves it and is a repeat customer. That, and I’m floored that Lincoln is so high up on the list. Though I guess its possible that they exclusively surveyed a bunch of baby boomers

10:37 PM

I had one of these as my first car.  I wish I could find it, but I’d be willing to bet it met its end at the hands of the “coolest” drunk in the trailer park.  

12:56 PM

I love the way these look, but my wife and I really enjoy our Subaru Outback.  How does this compare to something like that?  

10:45 AM

Paddle shifters on traditional automatics and CVTs.  Just stop.  

12:41 PM

I’ve been loving his videos as of late. Say what you want about the Fast franchise (and I’ll readily admit there’s a definite campiness and cringe factor here), but it left a lasting impression on the car world. It helped to ignite my passion for cars so it will always hold a soft spot for me, regardless of how stupid Read more

11:07 AM

Neutral: I think range still plays a major role here.  At least it does for me.  I live in a rural area and drive a great deal every day.  On top of that, we regularly take longer trips that benefit from being able to fill up in minutes while on the go.  With an electric vehicle, my particular family would be limited Read more

11:02 AM

I’m currently working on changing the clutch on a ‘98 Camaro Z28.  No lift.  On my back.  With just a couple of feet of room under the car.  I’d kill for a lift right now. 

12:05 PM

Man, I kind of miss this era of extreme customization.  Yeah, it’s tacky, but at least it was entertaining in a throw-it-at-the-wall-and-see-if-it-sticks kind of way.

7:49 PM

It’s a step in the right direction, but why didn’t they just make an entirely animated Sonic movie? There’s so much that could be done in a purely animated world. Plus, there wouldn’t be this weird need for him to be rendered somewhat realistically.

5:24 PM

So, other than bumpers, what's the difference between the LT1 and the SS?

10:16 AM

I absolutely agree on the general attitude.  My dad is a Harley guy.  He and his HD friends act like they’re part of some exclusive society because of the badges on their bikes.  Still, I think it would help if they could branch off a bit.  Maybe not into boats or the other stuff, but they could stand to include some Read more

12:18 PM

I absolutely agree, but I think the notion of the Harley-faithful is a huge part of the problem.  They’re clearly a dying breed (literally in lots of cases), and they’re not doing a good job of attracting people outside of that small customer base.  Given their price point (and the smugness you mentioned) I can do Read more

10:32 AM

Part of Harley’s problem is that they’re so limited in scope. Go into a Kawasaki or Yamaha dealership and you’ll see things from cruisers to sport bikes. From dirt bikes to adventure bikes. Hell, you’ll even see boats and skis and ATVs! Harley basically sells one image for one lifestyle at a price point that's Read more

2:59 PM

I’m far more concerned with the quality of a product than I am with where it comes from.  Obviously, not everyone agrees with that sentiment.  All that said, Federal’s tactics here scream desperation.  It’s intentionally deceptive.  It’s something that would make me avoid the tire.  Which is sad, really, because I’m Read more

8:02 PM

Years ago I was in the market for a new motorcycle and Harley Davidson was never on my radar. Read more