Jun 10

The South has done a good job of propagandizing its history. The whole idea of ‘honorable’ southern officers and gentlemen is 100% BS - how honorable can you be if you will send poor Southern whites to die in a war in defense of something as immoral as slavery. But this idea has been promulgated successfully, largely Read more

May 11

Once in third grade, my father off-handedly mentioned that under the Constitution, we didn’t actually have to stand up and do the Pledge of Allegiance. So me being the third grade dink that I was, the next day I stayed seated for the Pledge at my local private school, and was promptly sent to the pastor and the Read more

Feb 12 2019

This reminds me of my absolute favorite story from the life of Jesus: Jesus and the Centurion. For those not familiar, Jesus, after giving his Sermon on the Mount, was approached by a Centurion or a delegation on his behalf (the account varies depending on which gospel you read), who pleaded with Jesus to heal a Read more

Feb 1 2019

Let’s see....Honda makes ugly vehicles and sales go down. GM makes ugly vehicles and sales go down. I think there may be a trend here.

Dec 4 2018

Look at all his majesty. Those peasants in their thatched roof cottages don’t stand a chance.

Nov 29 2018

A mid-engine sports crossover would actually me unique and interesting. We shouldn’t possibly hope for anything that cool.

Nov 13 2018

Mr. Mime is a terrible pokemon and making him horrifying was the best possible choice

Sep 15 2018

There are not enough stars for this comment.  You’ve made my morning!  Thanks!

Sep 2 2018

Bliss. Not knowing how college coaches are paid. Perhaps spend ten minutes researching the topic before vomiting stuff masquerading as knowledge.

Aug 26 2018

Why in God’s name was this wretched execrence given any kind of bond at all?? HE SHOT MULTIPLE WOMEN AND DID SO WHILE OUT ON BOND FOR SHOOTING SOMEONE. Read more