12/04/19 5:44AM

Look, you know you’re wrong and your job here is to deceive, but you’re going to have to do better than this. You are going to have to find a less embarrassing and more constructive way to make up for the lost of your mother’s love than trolling a black-oriented website. Read more

3/08/19 6:39PM

I think this film is being unfairly compared to Black Panther. Consider BP takes place almost entirely in Wakanda, away from Marvel’s events. Both Thor sequels take place mostly away from Earth entirely. Ant Man and its sequel takes place outside of the Avengers films. Read more

3/08/19 2:18PM

Your description of her running style is spot on. I kept thinking, “Did she just polish her toenails or something?” Her full-tilt pursuit gait was very odd. I thought things mostly came together in the third act. I liked the stuff with Marie and Monica... but it’s true. She looked like she was always asking, “Do I Read more

3/08/19 12:01PM

First, Brie Larson has absolutely no screen presence as Captain Marvel; her delivery is bland and forced, and her fight scenes were filmed with the kind of camera tricks directors use when three months of stage-fighting classes didn’t quite take. Read more

2/17/19 10:19PM

The biggest problem is that now he has a misdemeanor on his record at eleven years old. It’s not going to get expunged in a FL run by racist governor DeSantis. Read more

2/17/19 5:31PM

From the sound of it, he wasn’t the disruption. It sounded like the teacher created and escalated a conflict with a child. The child’s reaction to that should not be grounds for an arrest, or even a suspension.

2/17/19 2:36PM

He was specifically arrested because he’s black. We can’t gloss over that part of the issue, I’ve seen white kids get away with the WORST shit but a black kid being half as bad and suddenly the issue becomes monumentally worse.

2/17/19 11:42AM

There are very few good reason to arrest and charge an 11-year-old child with a crime. 99.9% of disciplinary issues with young children should be handled without criminalizing them by getting law enforcement involved. Read more

2/16/19 5:02PM

It would also help in police officers were required to have an education beyond a GED, preferably something like Criminal Justice or Law, hell, create an Associates/Bachelor’s of Law Enforcement. As it stands, most cops could just as easily be criminals if it weren’t for the police academy.

2/16/19 3:54PM

Wait, you mean like that white guy (people?) in SC who shot police officers trying to serve a warrant for arrest and somehow succeeded in getting him alive? How many police were injured that day?

2/16/19 1:17PM

It wasn’t hostage situation, stop mischaracterizing it as such. And maybe this award is for loss of a family member to callous government hitmen psychos. Yeah she had a gun, because she didn’t want to be another god damn victim. Yeah she was mentally ill, but so are the Bundys. They were serving a warrant, not Read more

2/16/19 1:05PM

The rules under which police departments in this country operate and their hiring practices both need massive overhauls. Law enforcement attracts ex-military types and military wannabees, gun nuts, and people looking for a power trip. The culture around law enforcement officers is also generally conservative/right Read more

2/16/19 12:31PM

Couldn’t agree with this more. EVERY time someone brings up how blacks who are shot/killed by officers “shouldn’t have been (insert excuse here),” I bring up how serial killers (majority of whom are white) are almost always either captured alive or die because they commit suicide. No one ever has a good comeback ... Read more