2/18/19 7:25AM

it would also help if there wasn’t an IQ ceiling to the job...apparently they think intelligent cops would get bored and leave the force...i think it’s because intelligent people are more likely to question nonsensical/unethical/illegal orders.

Read more

2/03/19 10:46PM

...and the US isn’t? i know the shutdown was just temporarily suspended, but the party currently in power is known for leading with spite and stymieing any effort to better the lives of the majority of the citizens of this country.
they’re both fucked.
deport me to canada.

1/07/19 1:29PM

holy christ that list is ...wow.

the problem is...now I believe every single one of those things is true.
i don’t know if it’s a side effect of the trump era doublespeak where an initial flat denial is usually followed by a leak and sheepish confirmation (so we’re waiting on some org to leak the Assange diaries or Read more

11/13/18 4:43AM

was this judge threatened?
i really wanna see how she’s decided similar cases because, based on the evidence reported...she’s either scared, dirty, or too fucked up to remain on the bench.

10/28/18 12:25PM

the Glover/Morgan differentiation is pretty easy to hear- even if you can’t distinguish between the tone of their voices you can her it in the mid-line switches...the parts that Glover recorded were done with a better mic/setup.

7/09/18 9:06AM

so if the officer in question is willing to lie about something so petty, i wonder how many things he’s lied about in the field...

his paranoid reaction is very...intriguing.

-he gives the name “police officer” then freaks out when he sees it on the receipt.
-despite suspecting Read more

7/09/18 7:19AM

In other Florida news, an alligator got into a knife fight with a boa constrictor at a golf course next to a strip club’s daycare center and gift shop that sells confederate flag thongs. Read more

4/09/17 6:12AM

jesus- I never knew a white dude could feel as inferior as you do.
...you realize you’re only mad at yourself, right?
you know that you’re only a failure because of you, right?
it’s not the fault of PoC, you were just born a couple of years too late and now you actually have to try...

you: b-b-but i’m white...this Read more

2/04/17 12:16AM

even better: go to your local fabric/craft chain and get a couple poster board-sized dry-erase surfaces, put one on either side of a piece of foam core and adhere w/ duct tape around the edges.
your sign will be durable, reusable and you can change it mid-protest :)

source: my passionate-ass activist BF

5/07/16 11:57PM

so you’re saying that black americans are “at best, stupid, at worst, happy to oppress themselves and others”?

because, by your reasoning, to be employed by our government at any level...hell, to participate at all in our society (both institutions mentioned are largely indifferent to [A] white supremacy -a Read more

5/07/16 11:28PM

if you’re not advocating for equality or if you deride people who are...then it’s fair to call you a sell-out.

if you don’t have a problem with this: https://www.army.mil/article/117568…
you shouldn’t have a problem with the picture in question.

5/07/16 11:15PM

look at this display of filthy partisanship: https://www.army.mil/article/117568…
...just disgusting, isn’t it?

both groups want to save lives...why is one applauded and the other ominously “under investigation”?
i just hope they apply a single standard to this sickening display of empathy.

5/07/16 10:26PM

would that I could give this comment and link a night sky’s worth of stars...
thank you.