Mar 3 2017

Goddamnit coach, that kid needed just one more rebound for a triple-double.

Dec 4 2016

Rivera was going to send an email to Adam Schefter announcing the punishment, but he couldn’t find his laptop.

Oct 8 2015

“Well why didn’t she grab one of the guns and point it at him? That’s what I would’ve done.”

Oct 2 2015

Jennifer Carpenter should be optioning any and all scripts about Hope Solo’s life story immediately.

Sep 19 2015

Wow. I’ve been an astronomy wonk my whole life, and this is what Pluto looked like when I was a kid. Now I’m watching this flyby on my pocket computer. Looks like I made it to The Future™.

Jul 8 2015

Meanwhile, Austin Rivers plays a sad game of 1 on 1, alone, at the gym, wondering why none of the cool kids came to his birthday party and all went to Deandre’s instead even though Dad said there’d be a bouncy house and ice cream cake and everything at Austin’s party.

Jul 7 2015

THIS is why Marvel is awesome. What other company would bother with side character News Reporter continuity?