10:41 PM

Too late at night to read through all 400 comments, but the fact that The Kinks aren’t on this list or even mentioned in the top several threads makes it easy for me to forget this post even exists.

11:41 AM

Sounds like you could use some “outside investors (to) put in their own money in order to secure a percentage of your (future earnings)“  What could possibly go wrong? 

12:46 PM

Huh?  I don’t remember the first time I stumbled across this site, but do know it was at least 13 years ago because I was reading it in the hospital when my first kid was born and got yelled at for being on the computer.  May have been one of the Mighty MJD’s reviews of watching football in a bar with Muff Stubble Read more

6:26 PM

He was so good for so long that I’ve made the personal decision to forgive/ignore most things that he has done over the last 10 years, similar to my feelings on seeing Willie Mays in a Mets jersey, or Led Zeppelin’s Coda.

3:22 PM

What I like most of all about this is it would eliminate at least one stupid “STATCAST” number.  Wanna know how far a home run would have gone? No need to guess.  Just measure the mother fucker.  Case closed.

5:38 PM

Taking into account the VP of Communications surname is Chmura, I’m not sure it’s in anyone’s best interest to hear his opinion on such matters.

2:23 PM

I started visiting this website for the dick jokes, but have stayed around for the boners.

6:11 PM

This episode came out over a year ago.  Stray thoughts indeed.  I was thinking the other day about how I only wanted one hot dog for lunch, but if you bought an additional hot dog it was only an extra 50 cents, so I ate two hot dogs.  

12:01 PM

Serious question; do the teams receive money from the EPL itself similar to revenue sharing in MLB and the NFL?

2:00 PM

My dad insisted it was fake and I wouldn’t believe him. When Macho Man took the bell from the ringside table and slammed it into Ricky The Dragon Steamboat’s throat from the top rope I was physically ill. I was in about 6th grade at the time. I still don’t know how he got his face to turn purple.

1:54 PM

B+ for the effort.  Only missing the folding table by 5 feet on a 40 foot drop is pretty impressive when taking into account the assumed lack of practice.

2:04 PM

Dear Lord. I do this kind of thing unintentionally all the time. So unintentionally that I had to re-read what I had typed three times before I caught it.  One day it’s going to bite me in the ass.

11:56 AM

This is the correct take. When this story came out a month ago I thought it was shitty of Kuchar. When the details came out about the initial payment agreement I changed my mind. When a bunch of people who don’t know anything about golf started in with their hot takes I started to feel bad for Kuchar. When Kuchar made Read more