Emotional Spock
Dec 17 2014

Agreed! But in the case of Black women it actually goes even further than that...it is pretty much the #1 adjective used to describe us and often allows people to overlook or dismiss our very real pain and suffering. Read more

Dec 5 2014

Nicely done, NASA!

Dec 4 2014

If you're having trouble seeing the embedded maps, just click on the zoom-in button at the bottom and it should snap into focus.

Nov 18 2014

Thanks so much for breaking this down. It's a really important finding/discussion to be had, but that got sidetracked by bombastic language. The main downside of which, if you ask me, is that by exaggerating the conclusion it lets folks off the hook too easily. Read more

Sep 14 2014

Ultimately, I feel that Little People of America does make a great point: I'd prefer you call me by my name than by a label, and if you're going to use a label, ask me what I prefer. It's no different from asking me my preferred pronouns, and it enables a greater degree of self-determination about my identity than Read more

Sep 13 2014

It's kinda clunky when spoken, but it's great shorthand when the acronym is written.