Aug 3

Such an underrated show. They had an episode where the company had to install a water fountain and label it colored people because their new automated system or something had a glitch where it couldn’t detect black people or darker skinned people.  I was sad when it was canceled.  

Aug 2

So Ellen is the real life version of the boss that Portia de Rossi played on Better Off Ted?

Dec 4

I promise you that her WH staff does not have an easy time. Even if they don’t have as much to do as other staffers, there is nothing about Melania that strikes me as being “good to the help.”

Dec 4

But remember, this is a woman who speaks five languages.

Oct 6

Investigation...by the police?

Oct 6

And yet Boris Johnson remains disappointingly unslapped.

Sep 23 2019

The idea that people like this are even being interviewed and having their views be taken seriously is so fucking frustrating.  Can we PLEASE stop giving airtime to these morons?  If the main reason that this country goes down in flames is because perfectly fine woman candidates are seen as bitches by the electorate, Read more

Sep 23 2019

“I like what she had to say, but I still think she’s—sorry—a bitch,” said a 56-year-old Trump supporter. Read more

Aug 30 2019

Hate to say this, but as an older person who is not white, I have a lot of reasons for refusing, in particular, a history of police encounters where it was clear I was being dealt with as a suspect for something as I went about my normal (non-criminal) day to day activities. I’ve been solidly a middle class software Read more

Aug 30 2019

“has been treated for a mental illness” is a terrifying criteria. Read more

Aug 30 2019

“Gun control would turn America into a horrible police state dystopia. Let’s just let the government track our biometrics and listen into our houses instead. That's much more free!"

Aug 29 2019

I love the grammatical decisions of the packaging. Read more

Jul 25 2019

I’m not particularly fretting about the end of the world, sudden apocalypse style; either running out of meds or pacemaker battery will get me if I survive the initial event. The slow, drawn out end politicians and corporations are likely going to lead us into, probably while telling us we’ve never had it so good, Read more

Jul 8 2019

I just want to point out that most of the opening credit images are of Big Sur, not Monterey. The very top of Big Sur is 24 miles south of Monterey. It always bothers me that they try to act like Big Sur is Monterey, it isn’t, and Carmel is in between them, along with a bunch of open space. I don’t think anyone living Read more

May 19 2019

Considering how much John hovered over the production, even just in the background watching dailies, it’s impressive that it delves into his imperfections as much as it does, and it’s still not faint praise to applaud a major studio for embracing a gay and sexual main character the way Paramount has done. Read more

Jul 29 2018

I’m going to let the team that didn't do the Tomahawk Chop be the first to complain about a lack of decorum. 

Apr 7 2018

I’m totally with you. My workplace at least gives us shit healthcare, but we have no sick days. 80% of the workers are also hourly. Leadership has the balls to tell us to not be heros and go home when we’re sick. Yeah, I’ll go take my vacation time that I don’t get much of anyways just because I am sick. Thanks dicks. Read more

Apr 7 2018

This is why we have wonderfully trained medical professionals and highly capable facilities, yet our country still sucks at healthcare. It’s access to healthcare that’s the issue. Read more

Jun 30 2017

I think any NASA engineers who were willing to actually sit down and speak with Alex Jones should be suspended pending a pshyiatric evaluation, because these people should not be near anything flammable.

Nov 29 2016

Talk about Koreshing my hopes and dreams, amirite?