Dec 27 2016

I feel like a dick for laughing at this. But since I’m also crying, maybe it doesn’t count.

Nov 14 2016

Someone I follow on Twitter said “at least punk music will be good again”. Excuse me but I’d much rather have my civil rights instead of another Green Day protest album.

Nov 13 2016

Brexit was the canary in the coal mine. What happened there has happened in the US and will happen in France when they elect Le Pen. There’s a wave of white nationalism right now and we seem powerless to stop it.

Nov 10 2016

I am just broken. I am hollowed out. This week. This year. Bowie. Prince. Now Leonard Cohen. Read more

Nov 10 2016

I feel just numb and hollowed out. I’m openly sobbing because I just learned Leonard Cohen died. I open up Gizmodo and see this. Read more

Oct 13 2016

This election isn’t just a dumpster fire, it’s a dumpster fire careening down a hill, causing traffic accidents and slamming right into the side of an orphanage.

Oct 4 2016

I still consider it a point of pride that I once was banned from 4chan in my halcyon youth. And not even for anything salacious!

Oct 2 2016

Identity is currency in this day and age. Anyone who tries to hide behind a pen name or an image is a curiosity. A weird aberration. People somehow need to know. I don’t know why. It’s like some people are insulted that someone would hide their real identity in this oversharing day and age. People feel like they’re Read more

Sep 26 2016

Lies of Locke Lamora is one of my favorite fantasy novels. Scott Lynch is my GRRM. It took so long between his second and third book. But it’s an incredible series. Read more

Sep 24 2016

I’m super excited for Kadrey. He’s an awesome writer and I love his books. I hope it works out. Hollywood buys oodles of books and does nothing with them. I kept thinking Sandman Slim would be a great series instead of a movie. I know Gaiman and Rothfuss are going that way.
Read more

Sep 21 2016

I mean, my ad block works on YouTube videos. And I’m sure the ad block makers will find a way to block other ads on videos too. It’s like an ad arms race.