Jul 27 2016

No joke, when my daughter was two she saw a man wearing a Lego mask that looked a lot like that (it was Halloween time). She FREAKED out. She was so scared that she asked us to tell her the story about “the scary man” almost every day for like two months, I’m guessing as a way to somehow get past it.

Jun 30 2016

For a real, searing confessional by a man turn to the song “The Ideal Husband” by Father John Misty. The guy just brutally lays out everything he dislikes about himself, all with this wailing siren of panic in the background. A masterpiece of a blend of lyrics and musical emotion.

Sep 22 2015

Was the VO guy for that reel trying to hold in his hit from a joint the entire time he read that copy?

Jul 31 2015

John Lennon was all the things Albert said, and they aren’t good things, but he just wasn’t *mostly* those things in a cultural context. Not even close. It just reeks of smug, self-righteous cynicism. You can snidely tear down pretty much any figure of global importance without even trying if you want to, their lives Read more

Jul 31 2015

“To be honest, I don’t much care about which part of the British Isles rightly may claim John Lennon’s ancestry. He mostly was a self-promoting misogynist checkbook activist who imagined no possessions from one of the most exclusive addresses in the history of planet earth, so whichever country wants him can have him” Read more

Jul 17 2015

It’s so crazy how as Gawker has laughed and reveled in or at least promoted the downfall of Reddit and its mismanagement, it itself is completely imploding. I don’t think Nick Denton is going to be around for much longer.

Jul 1 2015

This photo brought to you by “Tommy John” brand ulnar collateral ligament replacement clinics. Have you shredded your UCL into ribbons as Chris Sale is undoubtedly going to do in the next two seasons? Then come on down to Tommy John’s, and if you use the promo code “Deadcast” get 10% off anesthesia!

Jun 5 2015

Hey now, you’ve got to hand it to Jim Abbott, he was unique. I tried to think of someone else who did what he did, but I’m stumped

Jun 1 2015

Yes, I wore flip-flops to a wedding. But in my defense, they were my *dress* flip-flops.

May 29 2015

By far the GOAT sports gif. Man I can watch it a thousand times. So much to see

May 13 2015

Anyone else think Pete is going to get royally screwed!? I think he is being played by McCann, making him go against his non-compete so they can gut him out of the millions they owe him.

May 11 2015

Composite shot brought to you by our new technology “Daly-vision”

May 9 2015

AND THE CROWD GOES........home, apparently

Apr 29 2015

Dude, if you don’t want your fans to turn on you stop retweeting the Tsarnaevs

Apr 9 2015

When you think of the best all time farm animals to have escaped on ESPN’s property, this goat is probably #2 or 3

Mar 27 2015

On the bright side, medical crews had no problems locating Akinfeev.