I swear white people have this uncanny ability to do devilish shit and then bust out some Simone Biles, gold medal level, mental gymnastics to distance themselves from their own behavior. Read more

Once again, the most prolific terrorists in our country are gun-waving white people. Read more

This why the current talking point of “you need to reach across the aisle and talk to people you don’t agree with” gets a big nope from me. Read more

I read internets. It’s free speech, heritage, and anybody can be an “nigger” from what they tell me. Totally normal.

It’s great. It’s night and day different from 1, which I respect it for. It’s outstandingly violent and schlocky, but still very enjoyable. It’s also where the whole Alien/Predator shared universe thing started if memory serves me correctly.

I adored the second, even over the first.

Or, people could just stop feeling embarrassed by feminine products and just get over it. There is no reason that a woman should feel shame (or society make her feel shame) for using something like a tampon. People need to loosen up a little. As for this whole glue thing, I’m not a doctor, but I suspect that it is a Read more

Oh for fucks sake this goddamn asshole

Tell me this, Bible - who are the good romans?

Also, someone should tell him you can have a deep voice AND be soft spoken. Like Michael Clark Duncan. Read more

Jesus man, what is your literotica handle? Asking for a friend.

Forget it, Jake; it’s Floridatown.

What school thought having Winston in for a photo op was a good idea?

On arriving home from school, the boys asked their parents what the pussy is and how to fuck her right in it.

“Be polite, silent, gentle..........and also supple and smooth with graceful curves that start at your waist, and continue to your your soft thighs and gently twist inward below your pelvis and culminate in that tight triangle of pleasure known as..........oh shit, what was I talking about again?

I’ve got a nice life, but if you guaranteed knew that you have an ETERNITY in heaven waiting for you and there was no test to get there... why not? Why waste time here? It’d be like living in Gary, Indiana when you could move... anywhere else for free and have all your needs paid for. What is 60-100 years on earth to Read more

I was always kind of confused that they weren’t getting them to do the voices. Maybe they didn’t want to encroach on Rifftrax or something.

Yeah, the bot voices really aren’t doing it for me. Frankly, without Mike, Trace, Bill, and Kevin, this whole idea doesn’t inspire much confidence from me.