4/09/21 2:44PM

Everyone who owns a replica Captain America shield at the end of this episode:

4/04/21 3:05PM

Every time I see Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant come out and just start laughing at whatever they’re saying almost from the get go, I compare that to Mikey Day and Alex Moffat nailing every Trump Brothers sketch I can remember. Day is an excellent straight man that serves whatever skit he’s in really well. (The Eddie Read more

4/04/21 3:03PM

Guy who doesn’t know how paragraphs works expects live performances to be flawless.

4/04/21 12:53PM

The direction, especially the missed camera cues, was noticeable last night. Just sloppy stuff.

4/04/21 11:35AM

That monologue was one of the most enjoyable and memorable ones in recent years for the sheer charisma that he brought to it. I wish the cast and writers had been able to rise up to meet his energy, could have been a great show.

4/04/21 10:38AM

Last week’s almost completely laugh-free train wreck gets a B and this one gets a B-? If last week was a B (it was definitely NOT) then this one should have gotten an A +++++.  Read more

4/04/21 8:35AM

Plus, I know that complaining about cue cards is dull criticism, but Andrew, buddy, you didn’t have that many lines to remember.”

4/03/21 6:38PM

a) Neither I, nor you, know whether or not Woody Allen raped his 7 year old daughter. You may be convinced, but you do not know. There’s enough uncertainty that some people have decided not to convict him in the court of public opinion. And I’m ok with that. Read more

3/28/21 1:17PM

I assume it’s because they did another Eminem parody video a few weeks ago—the “Stan” riff with Santa—that was well received and actually kinda funny, so they couldn’t resist going back to the well again, to immediately diminished returns.

3/28/21 11:21AM

The “N.F.T.” skit didn’t feature “Robin, for some reason.” That was actually an extended parody of Eminem’s “Without Me” video with Pete as Eminem, peroxide hair and all. As to the reason, you got me.
And while a 20-year-old music video seems a bizarre object to parody, you’re “Gen X old,” Perkins. If ANY demographic Read more

3/17/21 12:00PM

I still remember the SNL where Garth hosted and Chris Gaines was the musical guest, and they edited it so that when it came time for the musical segments, one of them introduced the other.