4/09/21 3:22PM

It does lose a bit of raw emotion when you have time to set up pyro effects for it beforehand.

2/24/21 3:24PM

They are currently casting for the role of Homer Glumplich

2/14/21 10:01PM

Yeah, totally right about that. I should have noted those! It’s mostly Batman and Superman they can’t seem to get the right grip on, for me.

2/14/21 12:25PM

People are certainly free to like this, but man, Snyder’s vision of the JL is just 180 degrees opposite what I like about them. I got... 2/3 of the way through the original cut of JL and the only thing that gave me a smile in the whole movie was Ezra Miller. I don’t imagine the DC movie universe will be willing to let Read more

10/19/20 5:29PM

Yeah for me this finale was the weakest episode of the season, BY FAR, largely because they didn’t take the time to set up anything that happened. Read more

9/11/20 2:52PM

(Not entirely serious rant ahoy): Things are hard right now! Can we not just have something fun and nice? An alternate-universe JP where the people responsible for the park are not evil and horrible people? I just wanna see some kids have a fun and safe time at camp! Is that too much to ask?

9/08/20 10:20AM

I think I see the sense in having a more recent *character* inhabiting and doing nasty things in the house. B/c Hiram Winthrop would have been of Titus’ generation so he wouldn’t have still been around to be involved in the abduction scheme w/ Captain Lancaster of the Chicago PD. Read more

9/07/20 9:14PM

Most Jewish people who saw that probably had a moment of “Huh, that was certainly a choice they made in naming that character.” But I don’t think there’s been anything else in the show to suggest malice, so it seems like a one-off for now.

9/07/20 9:12PM

I completely forgot about that! It was a whole week ago!

9/07/20 9:12PM

Yeah I mean the show is playing coy with it but it’s been heavily telegraphed since Ep 2.

9/02/20 5:09PM

Last summer, the Washington Post did a great podcast series on the race to the moon, which covered similar ground to this book (multiple perspectives, good biographical info, good science). No fiction in that though. Read more

8/22/20 10:31PM

That is not a casting I’d ever considered before, but... huh. 

7/31/20 12:12PM

Same. Can barely read the article on mobile Chrome, certainly can’t get the comments platform stable enough to comment.

7/31/20 12:11PM

Would have liked to see an episode-level recap of Harley Quinn, too, but I think a lot of these sites (here and AV Club at least) are wrestling with how to generate enough clicks from recaps of streaming service shows (especially if they drop all at once, though I think Harley was serialized?)

7/31/20 12:08PM

All for ‘shop contests but RIP loading that page on mobile, though...

7/31/20 12:06PM

This is something that, I think, Reddit (weirdly) does OK. You can set posting requirements so that an account has to have X amount of positive comment karma before they’re allowed to post in a sub. We could do something similar here. Granted, trolls still can go through the trouble of farming alts, but it’s more Read more