5/05/15 3:02PM

“I’d rather people just judged me on my personality and my character than by the fact that I get off on torturing animals to death,” he said.

5/05/15 1:59PM

I dunno. I get high sometimes and I’m pretty sure it’s never made me a rape apologist.

5/05/15 1:52PM

I have no idea why they didn’t just promote your writeup to the main page. There’s no information in this post that wan’t in yours.

5/05/15 1:37PM

Kind of hard to figure... not many witnesses to track down, no relevant forensics testing to do, autopsy’s done... It’s not like waiting is going to help Cleveland get out of this, so I don’t even see a benefit from a purely cynical perspective.

5/05/15 1:32PM

The Young Turks just did a report about WHY the family has been asked to delay their civil suit: in case the city ever gets around to charging the officers, because the officers might say something in the course of the civil suit that means they could be held criminally liable. I shit you not. They are asking the

5/05/15 1:23PM

The system in this country is not broken. It is working exactly as designed.

5/05/15 1:20PM

I imagine all of this is likely going to the legal fund? Can someone start another fund to buy this woman a house my God.

5/05/15 1:15PM

What evidence is the investigation looking for? We all saw officer incompetent cowardly shitbag kill Tamir on video.

5/05/15 1:04PM

Jesus Christ. And people donated how much to the pizza bigots?

5/05/15 12:19PM

You know what gave me the sads? This little shits learning how to treat woman like subhumans, calling them sluts and molesting them then girl victims not getting any symphathy. No we feel sad for future rapist and women haters, not for victims. And then all you wonder why rape culture exists.

5/05/15 11:49AM

Read the story about PUAs who use tacticts like choking girls or pulling their head towards their crotch in Jezebel. First comment with most upvotes is POOR BOYS! Yes girls are getting attacked and harassed and nobody in that thread sided with victim. And you sided with misogonistic trash so feeling sorry for idiot Read more

5/05/15 9:42AM

Wow, here I thought The Rules was complicated and contradictory! Poor boys! The gist of the email is : whatever you do, do not be a human being with emotions. Protect yourself at all times so that you can never be laughed at or hurt. You can never be your authentic self or let down your guard. Read more